3 Tips to Balance Addiction Recovery and Human Electrical Body to Achieve Physical Healing.

Even if you don’t consciously realize it, there are electrical forces within your body that impact the functions that are keeping you alive. Nerve impulses are small electrical energy signals, and these signals create magnetic energy waves. Human electrical energy is created within nerve cells, and these chemical processes send waves of electrical energy from one cell to the next, throughout the entire body.

How Electrical Impulses Impact Physical Healing

Holistic practitioners have suggested that electrical impulses within the body can play a direct role in physical health. The problem is that many modern doctors don’t focus on balancing the electrical energy, and instead try to change the physical health through external treatments such as drugs and medical interventions.

A true holistic approach supports the natural healing functions within the body, and the foundation of this process is energy balancing through the human electrical body. This system is literally healing the body from the inside out, because the electrical functions can improve the major systems in your body, which in turn leads to physical healing. This electrical energy affects all of the organs within the body, and organ health plays a foundational role in overall wellness.

3 Tips to Balance Your Human Electrical Body

If you want to experience physical and mental healing, then you need to take a proactive approach to balance your human electrical body. Here are a few simple methods that you can use:

Avoid Chemical Contaminants: There are many chemicals in our food and environment, and these chemicals have an impact on the hormones within your body. When hormones are changed, electrical functions are also changed. Avoid the chemicals and it will naturally balance your electrical body and heal your physical body.

Minimize Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): Even though technology is so common in our modern world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that technology is good for our health. In fact, when electrical current is passing through a wire it creates an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) which disrupts the natural electrical functions in your body. Minimize the number of electrical items that are in your home, and stay at least 3 feet away from household appliances when they are in use.

Walk Outside with Bare Feet: The earth is an abundant source of negative charge, and your body can tap into the energy balancing benefits of the earth. Put your bare feet on the ground, and you will naturally absorb negative electrons through the soles of your feet. This practice is known as “earthing” or “grounding,” and it has been found to have a number of health benefits that impact physical health. If you have rubber-soled shoes, you won’t get the benefits when you are walking outside. So, take off your shoes and enjoy nature!

At The Sanctuary at Sedona, we recognize that physical and mental healing is best achieved through a holistic addiction treatment approach. Balancing the human electrical body is part of our addiction recovery program, and we will help you learn how to achieve this balance along with other methods that will support your healing. If you are looking for a non 12 step holistic addiction recovery program, then we invite you to contact us today to learn more.

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