The best thing about having long hair is that you get to style it however you want. Who wants to have the same hair all the time? Sure, there are certain hairstyles that always stand the test of time and come out looking fashionable no matter the time and day, but sometimes it is great to switch things up. There are some basic hair textures you can experiment with, they could be straight, curly, and wavy. Thanks to the modernization of hair styling tools you can even vary the range of certain hair textures, especially when you are going for the more curly or wavy look.

However, a lot of us are not satisfied with just styling our natural hair. Sometimes a hairstyle or texture looks best when you insert some extensions in. surely, hair textures like curls and waves do help in giving your hair that extra boost, but sometimes our dream looks better on a thicker mane.

Thanks to hair extensions this has become far more possible now. In fact, thanks to a certain type of hair extensions you can enjoy this look for more than one day. Before we tell you how to get those gorgeous and envious Beyonce curls to be yours, we want to touch on some basics.

First, and foremost, not all hair extension brands are top-notch. By this, we mean that the brand that you choose to buy your hair extensions from will be a big tell of how the extensions will fare on your hair. You want the extensions you are purchasing to be of high quality because they will affect the entire look of your hairstyle.

So make sure that you are shopping for Sandybella hair extensions or any other best-rated brands.
The reason why we are such big fans of SandyBella hair extensions is that they have a very assorted collection of hair extension products. Whether it is the type of attachments, the colors, or textures, SandyBella is known to deliver high quality.

They only sell Remy human hair that has been properly cleaned and colored for use. They also have various gorgeous colors that blend in seamlessly with your own hair color and give off a natural look. This is exactly why the brand also has so many fans that swear by their extensions because after wearing SandyBella hair extensions you can stop fearing that your hair is giving off a fake vibe. The best part about all this is that their hair extensions cost less as compared to other “top-notch brands”, or are at least affordable.

Remy Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

To those who are new to the remarkable world of hair extensions let us talk about hair extension material. The two main material types are Remy human hair and synthetic hair. Remy human hair, as the name suggests is real hair with the cuticles intact and going in one direction. This gives off a natural look and bounces to your natural hair when added. However, the thing Remy human hair is that they have to be discarded after a few weeks or months, depending on the brand. Some brands like SandyBella prep them pretty well so they can be used longer.
Synthetic hair is usually made of fiber wires, fashioned to look like real hair. They are extremely shiny and will last long but they give off an extremely fake look that is easy to point out.

How To Get Curls In Your Hair

If you are a busy girl then clip-in extensions are great for you. This is because all you need to do is, after doing your clothes and make-up, just section your hair and clip in the extensions.

Sandy Bella hair extensions come in different sections, so you can have layers and depth like real hair. Just pick out the colors that resemble your hair the most, or if you want to add a little bit of character then you can get Ombres or different colors.
Just heat up your curler in advance, and apply heat protectant styling cream. Do remember the latter part since heat can damage not only your real hair but also the extension itself. Just curly away, either starting at the top or doing it halfway. It is your choice.

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