Are You Being Active and Making Healthy Choices?

In the pursuit of happiness, one must always challenge themselves to be productive. It is not always good to just sit around and allow the mind to wonder. Yes, brainstorming is good to make a decisive decision but an idle mind can create boredom and unhealthy choices. Often, we find ourselves restless, eating, drinking, or smoking to compensate for a peace of mind. This is not the answer.

It is important to know what makes you go. What really brings you excitement and keeping you going with a positive alignment? I think the answer begins with us making healthy choices to take care of our bodies. What we eat and how we process it can determine how effective we will function throughout our daily activities. A healthy meal along with exercise typically will generate positive energy. We must begin the day with making sure that we address our mental clarity and focus to accomplish the tasks ahead. I do not have all the answers to what works personally for each individual. However, I do know what we take in will affect what will come out. So I would challenge each of you to be active and make healthy choices. Do you really want happiness? If so, what are you going to do about it? You can be still or you can be active and make a healthy choice.

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A dynamo of humor and enthusiasm, Edwin stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial

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providing individuals and business owners hands on training in inspiring possibilities,

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