Attention all Acne sufferers: Acne can be treated and Acne Scars significantly reduced with Aloe Vera Skin Care Products. The benefits of Acne Treatment and Acne Products with Aloe Vera are explained here:

Studies have shown that the astringent properties of the Aloe Vera plant’s gel counteract acne infection and help cure pimples with little or no acne scars occurring.

Aloe Vera has a pH factor similar to that of the skin. The pH of skin varies from pH4 to pH6. Aloe Vera’s natural pH is about 4.3, depending on weather and soil conditions, so it’s very close to that of human skin. Acne products with Aloe Vera help to restore the skin to its natural pH, making it an effective and natural Acne Treatment Product.

Aloe Vera is a mild anaesthetic, with antibacterial and antifungal properties, containing anti-inflammatory fatty acids all essential for acne treatment and acne prevention.

The six antiseptics naturally contained in Aloe Vera soothe inflammation from pimples and irritated skin and reduce the chance of acne infection by deeply cleansing and moisturising your skin. These components have shown to relieving itching, swelling, redness and pain from acne and conditions like eczema alike. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturiser, fragrance, colour and oil free.

Aloe Vera helps to keep facial pores unclogged and gives skin a healthy glow because enzymatic activity speeds up blood circulation and removes dead skin, clearing acne and pimples. Aloe Vera penetrates rapidly and deeply and is able to re-hydrate, heal and encourage skin renewal, which prevents and reduces Acne scars. Aloe Vera coats the skin with a protective layer which minimises the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, further preventing Acne and pimples.

Aloe Vera is cooling, soothing and moisturising, and it stimulates the growth of new skin cells and tissue with natural steroids, enzymes and amino acids. A formidable natural Acne treatment product which is pure and affordable.

As with any acne treatment, Aloe Vera users must be patient. Some people plagued with acne and pimples report that before their skin condition improves, they get worse because impurities are made to surface, but when they follow a regular skin care routine (cleanse, tone, and moisturise) using aloe Vera skin care products, their acne and skin tone improves. Please refer to our skin care routine for full instructions.
40% of our customers use our natural skin care products to replenish challenged skin, damaged from acne, eczema, psoriasis and unidentified concerns. Non-irritant and gentle enough for sufferers of allergy, hay fever or asthma.

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Treat yourself to 100% reliable and affordable acne treatment products and skin care products without fillers, toxins, artificial fragrances or chemicals...Non-irritant and gentle enough for sufferers of allergy, hay fever or asthma.

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