In order to function at optimum capacity, the internal body environment must remain as close to neutral as possible. It likes to measure in on the pH scale at 7.39. When the body takes in an excessive amount of acids, as it does so often as a result of making the wrong food choices, this excess must be brought back into balance. The way the body accomplishes this is by bringing the acid and alkaline levels back into balance.

Each of the elements inside the body, the vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, sugars and trace elements, can be categorized as either an acid or an alkaline. One interesting fact about an acid and an alkaline element is that when they are mixed together, they are able to cancel each other out. The scientific term for what is created when an alkaline and an acid element are combined is a neutral salt.

Much in the same way as the neutral color gray results when black and white are combined, and when the neutral temperature of warm results when hot water is combined with cold, a neutral salt cancels out the inherent respective properties of the combined acid and alkaline elements. With no acid or alkaline properties, neutral salts have no impact on the cellular serums or blood in which they are present.

When excess acid is present, the body must go out and find alkaline elements to begin the process of neutralizing this excess acid. Alkalines are usually present in the blood, but because the blood cannot tolerate much variation in its pH level, this is never a good source from which to borrow. A better source for alkaline elements is the internal organs and tissues. These areas can tolerate a greater degree of pH level fluctuation.

Even though the internal organs and tissue can exist in the short-term without all of the necessary alkaline, it is of critical importance that the borrowed alkaline be replaced. Normally this is not a problem. A healthy diet is generally all it takes to replenish alkaline levels. But most people don't consume a healthy diet. It is this repeated borrowing of alkaline without replacement that becomes a serious situation.

In fact, given the way many people eat today, it is not uncommon for alkaline to be borrowed and not replenished every single day, and worse, many times in a single day. Taking more alkaline than is being replenished will sooner or later create a deficit. Alkaline has a purpose. It is crucial to the properly functioning of the internal organs and tissue. It is not present in the body so that it can be used to help neutralize excessive acid.

A shortage of alkaline inside the body occurs much more frequently than it should. The end result of this alkaline mineral loss can be any number of different illnesses and diseases and an overall feeling of poor health.

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