All CEOS make promises to their investors or team or customers and thus set goals in order to deliver these promises. In order to be effective, there should be a good relationship between the CEO advisory group and the CEO.

The need for a CEO advisory group:

There needs to be someone to whom you are accountable to succeed as a business owner or entrepreneur. This someone could either be a coach or most probably a CEO peer advisory group to whom you will report on a regular basis.

Advantages of CEO peer advisory groups:

The advisor group CEO creates a subtle team environment where people can find support, give support, solve common and general problems and help individuals to achieve their long term or short term goals.

Dynamics of CEO peer groups:

They design people to eventually become good, efficient and effective leaders. The advisor group CEOs is leadership development and achievement tool. They consist of several CEO advisors who create a cycle of learning, sharing, achieving and accomplishing tasks or objectives.

CEO advisors can be a business owner from the same industry or they can be from varying unique backgrounds. Individuals within the group are considered equals and united with the following common goals: personal improvement, company improvement and setting courses for the future.

Together as a team, members can handle larger, complicated matters or issues which cannot be handled individually. Goals are set and individuals often ask each other difficult questions so that each member of the group actively comes up with his or her own solution and this helps him become way more independent and efficient.

The main advantages of this collaborated cycle are two:

Problem-solving and achieving the required goals: this further helps in creating more efficient leaders.

Accountability in a team environment: group members learn to celebrate each other's success, thereby creating a positive and nurturing team environment. Individuals are always given preference, and this makes them truly feel like an important part of the entire team, especially when they are praised and encouraged for accomplishing tasks on time. Working in a team doesn't mean you just hold hands and stay together all the time.

In CEO peer groups, members hold each other accountable. For example, when one of them skips the milestones the group creates peer pressure, which puts the group back on track.

Highlights of CEO advisory groups and what they achieve through CEO coaching:

• CEO Peer groups are the foundation of your success as a leader.

• CEO peer groups hold you accountable to improve your learning and development.

• They will help you in developing processes that help you resolve your problems that can help you both in your life as well as career

• CEO advisory groups help business leaders make impressive decisions, help with specific business problems, or identifying barriers and removing them.

• CEO advisory groups focus on strategic corporate goals

• They Define clarity of purpose, mutual expectations, and accountability

• Help in improving leadership team functions at any level possible.

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