Accsoon has announced the Cineview SE SDI and HDMI wireless TX/RX, which is essentially the same as the previously released Cineview HE, but with the addition of SDI.

I recently reviewed the Cineview HE, and you can read that review here.

The transmitter has both SDI and HDMI inputs, and the receiver has SDI and HDMI outputs. Both are capable of dealing with framerates and resolutions of up to 1080p 60fps. The TX unit also accepts SDI level A and B signals if you happen to be using older professional cameras.

The CineView SE RX and TX units each have four removable antennas and a claimed line of sight range of 1200ft / 365.75m. The system utilizes Accsoon’s Dual-Band wireless technology which transmits the same image on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. The receiver then intelligently identifies interference as it combines the two signals together as needed into a single stream. Accsoon claims that this technology makes its products inherently more stable than lower-performing wireless systems that simply hop between frequencies. Accsoon also claims that the latency is under 50ms.

Both the transmitter and receiver weigh in at 210g / 7.4oz each and they have physical dimensions of 105mm x 66mm x 32mm, excluding antennas. This makes them smaller and more compact than the previous CineEye 2S Pro model.

The CineView SE TX can be used with up to four other CineView RX units. It can also transmit to up to four iOS or Android devices running the Accsoon Go app, or any combination of RX units and smart devices totaling four.

Accsoon Go app & Livestreaming

You can monitor, record and stream from the CineView SE using the Accsoon Go app on iOS and Android devices. As with the previous version of Accsoon Go, it can record HD video transmitted from the CineView SE to your smart device for instant review and social media sharing, plus stream it using RTMP to popular video sharing sites.

New tools that have been added to the Accsoon Go app include Smart Sharpening for more accurate focusing, Onion Skin Overlay for precise repetition of shots and improved LUT loading and recording. These features are in addition to video assist tools such as Focus Peaking, Histogram and False Color. There is also a new ability to Multitask with the Go App on Split View when using a compatible iPad.

If you don’t want a kit with both TX and RX units, Accsoon will be selling the CineView SE the TX will also be available to purchase standalone without the RX.

As far as powering is concerned, the CineView SE can be run via a single NP-F970 battery for up to 12 hours. Additionally, it can be powered via the DC input port (7.4V~16.8V) as well as a USB-C power source (5V). The unit can remain powered on while switching between these sources.

Price & Availability

The CineView SE is now available for $649 USD.

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