With the advancement of technology, the usage of the different kinds of software is going upward in motion. Accounting software is among the top pick for the business owners. Small or big it does not matter, every company or organization needs accounting software. So many of you search for the best accounting software in Bangladesh, but most of you guys do not know about the good accounting software characteristics. If you knew them then you can choose the right software for your business.

Things you should notice before choosing the accounting software.

Accounting software is not just software to calculate the number and keep its history. It is now bigger than ever. You can do tons of things with accounting software. Some of the software comes with the quince features and these features are different from each other. But the standout accounting software will have these characteristics.

● Payment processing
● Accounts Payable
● Purchase orders
● Vendor credit memos
● Payroll
● Automatic tax calculations
● Banking
● Inventory
● Cost predictions
● Sales
● Standard Reporting

These things may come to you as fancy word let me give a short description for you so that you can understand them properly. Inventory system keeps the records of product that is available in your company; it calculates the cots per unit and also gives which product is kept where. It also gives you the pre-order option. Account payable keeps track of customer payments and allocations, the money you have to gives to the vendor and product suppliers.

Payroll is the amount of payment you need to give to the employee. Tax calculation is a problem for most of the company. But what if the accounting software can take care of the tax calculation? There are many accounting software that will give you this option. Banking is a must for any company, if the software can handle the banking than it will be plus for you, it gives you the freedom of transferring the money online. It will keep the sales record and at the end of every month or week or day, it will send you a standard report that will help you understand how your business is doing. Rest of the things is quite common, so I am not going take more time from you.

Is Tally accounting software qualified as the best choice?

In one word answer, yes. The tally software fulfills every requirement to be outstanding accounting software. I probably say it is arguably the best in the market. I am not only calling tally the best in the market only based on that it has every characteristic of a good accounting software. There are many other reasons you can call it the best in the market. It’s one the best reason to use tally is that it has one of the best UIX design. It has the best HCI(Human-computer interaction) system I have ever seen. This makes it very easy to install and use for the consumers.
The tax calculation is exceptional from others. Most of the other software has the basic option of tax calculation where you have to put the percentage and all the other information you calculate the tax. In tally, you will get built in tax calculating for every country in the world. While you download or install the software in the system, you have to choose the region and on the basis of that, it will register the tax calculation. But if your company have some benefit from the government which is not common to all the company of the particular country, you have to take help from the local vendor.
Hope this helps you understand the things you must look for before a good quality accounting software. In my opinion, the tally is the best choice for Bangladeshi companies, you can use it as a point of sales system or as an ERP system. It fits in both small and big companies. So I will suggest you guy’s to use the trial version fo tally and see if it fits you very well.

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