Question: If sleep is providing some rest for our bodies, it seems to me that there is also the opportunity to access some deeper levels of knowledge that we would not as readily access when we are awake. So my question is -- if we have a question about something in our lives, or want to gain some knowledge at a more subtle level, is there some process we can use prior to sleep to enhance gaining that knowledge during sleep?

Divine Mother: You are always being fed knowledge. If you are not receptive to it when you are awake, we give it to you when you are asleep, because then your logical thinking mind is not operative, and so your heart and your subtle perceptions can receive. That's why things often happen in sleep that don't happen when the mental body is so rigid. By rigid I mean that it isn't open. So that's why in sleep these things often occur.

The way to gain knowledge during sleep is to ask. Ask before you go to sleep and then ask that you remember. A lot of things that we give you in sleep, you then don't remember because of the dullness in the system. That's why we are so actively cleansing the system so that whether you are awake or asleep you are going to be able to receive what you are being given.

Much of the condition of the human system is in the process of healing and renovation so that you can receive. Even your subtle receptors have been in most cases turned off. That is just the way things have unfolded here on earth. We are not saying the reasons have been wrong. They have been reasons of survival for the most part, ways that you determined that you needed to survive. It was a choice. It happened and there is no judgment about it. But now we are restoring the system. You are actively restoring the system with Divine help.

Ask, and you may find that you receive knowledge in activity, or if not you may receive it in sleep. Keep asking and we will deliver. The universal law: “Ask and you shall receive” must be fulfilled. Whenever you want to know, ask and we are doing our best to get it to you.

You are doing fine. You are being molded and sculpted. Intend to know, because you are capable of it. Believe that you can know and intend to know. Very often the negation of the thinking mind puts up blocks. This is something you are being trained out of. All these negations cause a vibrational response. You underestimate yourself all the time. So now you are starting to remember who you are and realize the power of your words and thoughts and intentions.

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