If you’re anything at all like me, you’ve probably had periods in your life where the most fitting description would be that of being a “self-help junkie”. I know, it’s not a pretty or flattering description, and perhaps it’s not even obvious what I mean by it...

Built right into our educational system is the debilitating idea that “in order to do something, you must first know how”. Sounds like common sense? It’s probably one of the most limiting ideas of our time, hidden in plain sight right in front of our noses. Have you ever had the feeling that if you could just learn this or that, find the secret method or know just “one more thing” you could get started doing what you need to do to get the results you really want?

Instead what typically happens is that you never get around to actually doing what might actually get you what you want, because you are too busy “learning” how to do it! Usually this is just a refined way of feeling better about procrastination, letting the dysfunctional behavior remain unchallenged. What an ass-backward way!

Although I believe serendipity and synchronicity can be an important part of the human experience, this does in no way imply that sitting on your behind and imagining great things to happen will cause them to come about. Doing that is actually the opposite of personal empowerment and stops you from being able to enjoy the freedom and liberty that comes with being able to get the results you want, be it either on the inside or outside.

In my experience, when an individual has come to the place of being able to maintain a certain sense of themselves, a sense of knowing that allows them the resiliency to handle lifes challenges, their awareness will grow. When this happens the basic consideration of their intention will be more on how they can contribute in the world, rather then on what they need for themselves.

So What Is POWER?

Simply put - POWER is the ability to take action in the world, based on a conscious intention that you hold. When you do, stuff will happen as a result. This stuff is then matched against the intention you hold, and your actions are adjusted accordingly.

Now, this is a very simple description of something that can be elaborated on in detail ad infinitum. As you’ve probably realized already though, what matters here is “Can You Do It?”...and wether you can or not, has everything to do with the starting point...but more on that a little later...

I’ve done a lot of martial arts training in my life, especially in a southern chinese system called Wing Chun Kuen. It has a nice blend of what generally is considered “internal” and “external” qualities, but really, at the highest levels these distinctions fade away quickly.

At the root of all chinese martial arts systems is the way that they generate power. Each system has it’s own unique way of doing this, using different body mechanics that are ideally adapted to the overall strategy of the method. This strategy then gives rive to the tactics which then shows up as the actual techniques employed in training and combat.
This unique power signature can be said to be the DNA of each system, and that DNA, together with the strategy, is really where the heart of the system lies. Unfortuneatly today most people only learn and practice the isolated techniques, instead of uncovering and tapping into the underlying essence from where techniques flow effortlessly and creatively.

One of my teachers, Robert Chu Sigung, uses the idea of a pot full of hot tea as an analogy. The heat is Qi, the energy based on breathing. The pot itself is the body dynamics. The tea in the pot is raw strength. The direction the tea flows in is intention. Finally, the tea pouring out is POWER. With this process wellformed and intact it becomes possible to “move 10,000 pounds using 4 ounces”...

So, without the tea pouring out of the pot there can never be any expression, nor realization of the intention. (Of course if the intention is to withold action, doing that willfully is also an expression of power - but now we’re getting into semantics...)

How To Get IT?

Now we’re back at the starting point...and how that is organized. The key to accessing POWER for yourself, being able to take action along the trajectory of your intent and manifesting the results you want in the world, is to find your own POWER signature, rooted - in fact - in your DNA.

This POWER signature, uniquely your own, has been imprinted upon you long before any learned limitation or trauma and is associated with a completely open neurological state. Being in this state allows you to be open to the world, take in information, and act on it effortlessly. Like this, you are charged and ready to go while still maintaining a complete sense of satisfaction. Your only consideration becomes “what’s next?”, and so you act.

Within the MythoSelf(TM) model developed by Dr.Joseph Riggio, we use the technology of Soma-Semantics(TM) modeling to entice and guide people to re-access this way of being for themselves, and teaching them how to make that their baseline experience.

Every state of being you may find yourself in can be described as having to basic components. Firstly, there is the somatic form. This is how the state of being is expressed in your body - which muscles are flexed or relaxed, your posture, breathing, etc - down to the micromuscular level. Second, there is the semantic form. This is how your way of being is expressed in words, both as a simple label and as a larger narrative serving as the basis of your worldview.

What we will do then is start to organize the totality of your soma-semantic form around your unique POWER signature. A simple way to start noticing how you can experience the awesome potential of this as you’re reading this article, is to go back in your mind to a place and time where you were truly powerful...have the feeling of being ustoppable well up inside you...see what you saw...hear what you heard...and feel it now! Keep your attention on this specifically powerful experience until you can notice your way of being having shifted...and as it has, notice what your body is like. Like this, how do you breath? How is your posture? Where do you focus your eyes?

Now, if you saw someone walking down the street being like this, how would you describe them? “They are _________”. This is now your semantic label for how you are when you have POWER, use it together with your newly found somatic awareness to access this way of being whenever, wherever. Once you do, what you want will become clear to you and the only thing remaining will be to ask “what’s next” and then let the tea pour out!

As you probably can sense, this little teaser is just a small taste of what’s possible using this technology, and we invite you to make use of our free resources to find out what else is hiding right below the surface...

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Kim Elman works for Applied Behavioral Technologies Institute in Princeton, NJ.

ABTI was founded by Dr.Joseph Riggio - the architect and designer of The Mythogenic Self Process(TM) and Soma-Semantics(TM).