In accepting your situation with compassion for yourself, you allow yourself to become ready for a better situation.

Yes, it's useful.

Simply to accept yourself for who you are.

And your situation of today.

With great compassion.

Life is hard.

Each of us has talents.

Gaps in talent, too...

And the world contributes.

Sometimes in wonderful ways.

Other times, not so much so.

That part about gaps in talent?

Other people have that part too.

Sometimes in abundance...

And there are a lot of people out there.

So, even though it's not about you when someone else does their lack-of-talent thing?

Reality includes other people's stuff happening.

One way past that:

Accepting your situation with compassion for yourself!

Compassion goes a long way.

Long term self growth needs include providing loving care for yourself.

Including accepting reality!

That’s why I urge you to accept your situation with compassion for yourself.

Much of what happens in life, you have no control over.

No input whatsoever!

Once you accept yourself, you can find that you do have more choices available than you might otherwise realize.

Because you free up your mind to notice other possibilities.

For example, today you can choose to start taking ever increasing and loving care of yourself.

You can start accepting yourself for who you are with loving concern and follow up with actions to care for you.

Things happen.

Despite your best intentions and most valiant efforts!

Add to that?

You make mistakes.

You’re human.

Humans make all kinds of mistakes.

That’s just the way life is.

Mistakes happen.

(Yes: and worse.)

Pouring out your own compassion for yourself helps.

Including helping you in accepting your current situation, right now!

Being compassionate for yourself helps you to begin to gain a little bit of control over the parts of life that you can get some control of.

And longer term, compassion for you makes a difference!

It helps you get through those situations you cannot control in any way.

What situation do you find yourself in right now?

It’s real, isn’t it?

Some aspects may be extremely challenging for you.

By accepting yourself and your situation with compassion, you can improve your situation.

Because there probably are some concrete things you can do to take care of yourself.

It’s straightforward.


Not easy.

(No, definitely NOT easy.)

(May FEEL impossible!)


It's simple.

As in something you can decide to do.

Then do.

It’s one important step toward self growth, toward the kind of improvement you want for yourself.

It’s what will get you to some kind of “more” and “better” in your life.

Simple acceptance.

Accept that you are who you are.

Remind yourself that you matter!

Exactly as you are.

Accept yourself.

Accept that you’re living with what you’re living with.

Accepting helps you open yourself to healing.

Acceptance helps you open yourself to grow.

Accepting opens the way to get beyond where you are now.


As you accept, dare to dream.

Dare to dream in small ways at first.

Allow yourself the freedom of starting over fresh.

That way your dreaming can be followed up by planning and action that will help you create a better tomorrow.

Accept your situation.

It can be simple in that you can do it.

You can do it right now.

You can do it in your own mind.

You can do it by deciding to do so.

Accepting reality is a choice.

Choosing to acknowledge the way things are paves the way to a future that can be different over time.

However difficult your situation, however overwhelming, you can accept yourself and your current situation.

You can do it right now.

Right This Moment Now!

In fact, that’s part of what it’s going to take to move beyond the current situation.

Simply accepting that you are in this situation, today, as it is.

Accepting reality helps you to build from there.

Once you accept your situation, you can begin to imagine something different.

That’s critical!

From accepting today’s reality, you can figure out the tiniest of things that you might do differently.

You can choose one thing that’s more important than others.

One amongst the tiniest of things that you can really, truly BEGIN to do right now.

Then you can allow yourself to do what’s next.


Because by accepting reality you find a way to make a tiny change that fits within what is today’s reality.

Making one tiny change, and doing that thing regularly, gets momentum working for you.

More changes will become possible over a longer time.

Opportunities will open for you.

(Over time!)

Self growth will occur.




Accept today, as it is.

Then you can begin to create a better tomorrow for yourself over time.

One breath at a time, you can accept where you are.

And from today’s acceptance, you can create another day’s change.

No matter how difficult your situation is today, you can accept that, for today, it’s real.

Your acceptance will help you prepare for when you begin to take actions over time.

How do you accept yourself the way you are?

Decide to do so.

Then begin!




When you accept your situation in compassion, you position yourself for better results in the long term.

You can do it.

Take a deep breath.


You decided to act on that one.

(Or not . . . you breathed anyway, huh?)

Dare to begin now and you'll soon be accepting your situation with compassion for yourself.

Transforming your life one breath at a time!

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Cynthia creates value! Business owner since 1989.

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