In today’s age, being subconscious of an ideal body image has become a norm. To maintain their ideal toned physique, many have opted for a restricted diet, strict workout regime and many other formulas that would suit their perception of perfect. It has become a part of our culture to maintain an attractive external appearance. And the recent addition to keeping up with that culture is the addition of gadgets that are targeted to specific areas of the body. The abs stimulator muscle toner is one such apparatus that has gained quite some popularity in recent years for having a targeted action on the abs and giving it that desirable rock-solid appearance.

How does it work?

They are called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices because they create electrical currents that can pass through the body. This way, they activate the muscles. Electrical pulses are sent through the skin with the help of small electrodes contained in the abs stimulator belt. This helps the device to be secured around the midsection. The abs stimulators help in contracting the muscles, thus activating the blood flow due to vibration. This is how they can help in toning the muscles and give the desired shape with consistent use. However, it should be considered that abs stimulators cannot be the primary tool for losing weight or burning fat. The device has to be used in conjunction with a supplementary diet and regular workout regime. It is essential to understand for the users that just using the instrument without any significant fitness or nutritional goals will not help in achieving the famed chiseled washboard abs.

Helpful in physical therapy

The EMS is considered as devices under the FDA (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act). According to them, the devices should primarily be used in the rehab environment and have physical therapy. There has been no substantial evidence for its claim to reduce the fat in the body. There are many misleading ads over the internet, and everywhere else that continuous use of this belt will provide substantial weight loss. As per FDA, no EMS device is for now cleared for girth reduction, weight loss or chiseling a six-pack. The device should purely be considered as an aid in getting optimal results out of your fitness regime.

Efficacy of the abs stimulator

The overall goals of the user determine the successful use of the abs stimulator muscle toner. If continuous muscle stimulation and activation is something that you are interested in, then this device is undoubtedly the one for you. But if you are thinking that using this continuously will aid you in dropping off a few inches from your body within days then most probably you will be disappointed. You won’t be getting the holistic advantages of doing proper workout by just using the abs stimulator. When you do a regular exercise like doing crunches, it’s only not targeting the core muscles.

Along with the abdomen, the entire body is cooperating with the workout. This is the reason that the person is working out sweats and burns more calories with regular exercise. It will also give you the overall desired shape that you are aiming at. However, if you are happy with the rest parts of the body and just wont to target the abs, then it’s advisable to use a fitness regime along with the device to get the maximum benefits. There isn't substantial evidence of achieving rock hard abs and substantial body mass reduction by just using this. The only reliable claims that can be backed scientifically are the engagement of the individual sections of muscles, contractions and muscle stimuli.

Side effects of choosing the wrong device

Some devices that are cheaply manufactured and have not undergone the required checking by the health authorities can do more harm than good. The FDA has received reports of pain associated with the long term use of these devices, burns, skin irritation and shocks. There have also been reports of the device interfering with the implants in the body like defibrillators and pacemakers. Some injuries are so severe that they even require hospital treatments. These devices must be correctly manufactured, designed and labeled with complete and clear instructions so that the user can use them carefully by following the instructions. Many of these devices are cables and leads. If they don't comply with the electrical safety standards, then there is the possibility of the user being electrocuted.

Abs stimulator muscle toner is an excellent enhancer in your fitness regime. But the user has to be aware, do adequate research and only buy premium products.

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The abs stimulator muscle toner is one such apparatus that has gained quite some popularity in recent years for having a targeted action on the abs and giving it that desirable rock-solid appearance.