Abacus is a word with which the parents of children of the age between 5 t0 14 are fairly acquainted these days. This has happened as the several players in the market have opened up their abacus franchisee centers in all the major cities of India.

As per the available data there could be more than 200 companies in the field of abacus. They have limited themselves to selected states of India.

While UCMAS can be said to be the leading player in the field of Abacus Franchisee market at both national & international level Aloha has its limitation.

Master Mind Abacus has been fast expanding itself beyond the boundaries of India. Their recent venture is opening up their market in USA, Canada & UAE.

Franchise marketing depends on the level of confidence that the franchise show on their Franchisor. This confidence is dependent on the factors directly affecting the business like, quality of training, books, competitive rates, visible advantages over competitors, other services like timely supply etc. Another factor like development of the product & the same being passed on the franchisee to facilitate the development of their business.

Master Mind abacus with its team of experts focused on developing the traditional methods of abacus by merging it with the modern computer technology.

As a primary step they developed mathematical games to encourage the abacus trainees to practice mental calculations through computer games. This has had a great effect in reducing the number of drop outs in abacus which has been a inherent problem faced by abacus Franchisees.

The second most common problem face by franchisee is training of their faculty. It mainly happens due to non-availability of a Master Trainers at company level at that particular time when needed. Moreover human errors do tend to creep in & communications gets distorted when being passed from one to another person. This can have a spiraling effect when it comes to the students’ level. With this as the basis, Master Mind developed unique software that functions like the actual Abacus & allows the trainers to learn the holding of the abacus, use of fingers for movement of beads, use of formulae etc. perfection is the only focus.

To summarize one could say in this era of hi-tech gazettes Master Mind has equipped its Franchisee with the best. In fact it has allowed a flawless training system by ruling out any possibility of deviation and also giving the option to revise or refer in case of any doubts. This has raised the level of quality of training. This has raised the market value of Master Mind in the international arena in the Abacus Franchise Market. We stand out of the crowd.

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We at Master Mind Abacus developed teaching methods followed universally and train students accordingly. Our R&D Department developed unique software to facilitate the practice of mental Abacus calculation, making it very interesting for the kids.