DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, please note that the non-use of caps and various other grammatical 'error' is 'on purpose'. Yes, I know how to write in proper grammatical form. But sometimes...artistic license is just more fun.

Now you know.

so there's this whole weird dynamic goin' on right now...

not quite sure what it is, although there are those who offer up their varying theories ranging from planetary 'stuff' to seasonal 'stuff' to "gee. maybe we're just all tuning in harmonically to some female-moon-cycle" thing. Whatever it is, it is full-on POWERFUL and comin' in from all directions.

i kinda like it.

yep. there are some women-folk who are struggling mightily right now. they're dealing with all kinds of deep, emotional, life-changing things. they're weeping and hiding and tryin' their best to wear a brave mask whilst they go through their angst.

god love 'em.

and then there are the men-folk, who seem to be vacillating between childish antics and outright ass-hole-ness. (yep. i get to make up words. that's what i do. grin.) these guys...i swear...ya can't live with 'em and ya just can't shoot 'em...(well, you could shoot 'em, but then where would that leave you? in jail living with a bunch of crazy ladies who'd rather beat you with a broom than offer a hand. no thanks.) but anyway...these men-folk...they just can't seem to clue in to when it's a good time to just leave you be. dang them anyway. i'm told guys are like that. they just want to 'fix' stuff. and so goes the dance. they're either tryin' to help (in their own manly way), or they're doin' their best to push buttons just so they can feel better about their own helpless feelings.

god love 'em.

and THEN...there are the women-folk who have it dialed in. they know what's going on, even if they don't know what's going on. what i mean is, they know there's something cookin', but they don't know precisely what's in the dish. still, they're okay with all that. they're okay with it because they know it's a GOOD thing. they know that life's about change and change is always good.

even if we don't like it so much while we're going through it.

know what i mean?

it is these women who seem to be appearing in my world...all over the place. these brave, strong women who have made the commitment to be engaged in their lives and the lives of those around them. women who have stood their ground in the face of abuse and neglect and poverty and divorce and every kind of horrible experience, but refuse to be defeated. they continue to stand up, again and again, against all odds and obstacle. these women who are mothers of this planet, whether they have children (of their own) or not. they are the mothers. they are the keepers of wisdom. they are the ones who will still be standing when the ashes have long blown away and the skies have finally cleared of hate and fear.

these are the women who will carry us all through the next phase of our human evolution. i am honored to know some of them. and even more honored to be among them...included as one of them. i hold these women in my heart tonight...honoring the Earth Mother...and those human mothers who are of the Earth.

this is my song on this Earth Day...

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