On August 5th, TV Land premiered “How’d You Get So Rich?” hosted by the legendary comedian, Joan Rivers.

I finally caught up with the show. You have to watch this show! She goes around asking wealthy people how they made their money.

Now, be warned, it is Joan Rivers and there is a lot of bling and flash. I did not care for going through wealthy people’s homes but the concept of the show is amazing.

The first person on the show is a lady. She is in her fifties, and she is divorced. Her husband left her to marry a 19 year old.

When she got divorced from a fabulous Bel-Air Doctor at age 46, she was flat broke. She went to makeup school and now she is worth $30 million dollars!

She then got into the cosmetics industries and she does not drive a pink Cadillac. She said she developed a line of cosmetics and she did NOT market to Nordstrum or Neiman Marcus.

She discovered that the fatigue makeup used by the US Army was not working out. The soldier’s were breaking out and having allergic reactions to the chemicals in the make up.

She then created a makeup line specifically for the military!

I could not sleep for thinking about this amazing idea. No, I am not interested in the make up market. But how innovative!

Did you ever think of the makeup that the Military guys use? Do you realize that is a market? She probably has no competition.

This lady had no work experience; no degrees; just her intuition and a drive to succeed.

Now, I do believe in following your passion. Absolutely! But you want to have some business sense about it also. Learn to monetize your passions. You owe it to the recipients of it. Imagine those soldiers and what they had to put up with before this amazing human being created the perfect product for them.

You also have an idea that no body else on planet earth has. You have a business idea that is the precise solution that someone else on planet earth needs.

Keep this in mind:

You have to believe that the Universe is friendly and supports you.
You have brilliant ideas.
You have the capacity to execute those ideas.
You have the capacity to monetize your brilliant ideas.

Now, what is your niche idea?

Author's Bio: 

Coach Iyabo Asani, attorney turned life and business coach, helps boomer women discover their own particular brand of genius and reinvent their lives and careers.