Have you ever observed A SPIDERS WEB before? For the past week I have been observing this Spider that has chosen to make its home right in front of my staircase. I noticed this Spider one evening when I was sitting out contemplating and I noticed how STRONG that web was with the wind blowing and how that wind DID NOT disturb that Spider.

I was so curious by this point that I chose to get up and take a closer look. Have you ever noticed that A SPIDERS WEB is in the form of a circle, not only a circle, upon a closer look that web looked to me like a labyrinth walk as the circle became bigger and bigger the more that Spider circled life. Much like our own life that as we draw our circles bigger and bigger it takes us to the outer edges of life!

But wait! I'm not done. What intrigued me so much was that NOTHING absolutely NO-THING disturbed that Spider from Center. That day gardeners came to clean up and they blew that SPIDER WEB down, and I thought okay, that is one way to knock that Spider off center, which I thought would be the end.

It was NOT! The next morning I went downstairs and the first thing I saw was A SPIDERS WEB. I looked closer and realized it was that same Spider that came back and re spun its web and was back to center waiting patiently for life! I was stunned! I thought of Grandmother Spider who is a Spiritual Teacher and I began to thank her.

Grandmother Spider was showing ME, that it does NOT MATTER what life brings to YOU, that if I stay Centered in Who I AM then No-thing can disturb me. Grandmother Spider also showed me that if you get knocked down, you get right back up and go back to Center and keep moving forward!

A SPIDERS WEB showed me the strength of this Universe because of it being so thin and almost non-existence. It showed me that the key to life is BEING CENTERED and that when I AM Centered NOTHING can disturb me. It showed me that life is a circle and that EVERYTHING comes back upon itself. It also showed me that we really are born with ALL that is needed to make our journey, just as that Spider was born with all it needed to live its life.

A SPIDERS WEB can speak volume's about LIFE. It shows you Mother Nature in action, it shows you that we are born with everything needed, it shows that ALL OF OUR NEEDS are met as long as we are centered in the truth of our BEING. It also showed the Oneness and that by BEING patient, LIFE will come to YOU!

Spin YOUR life like......A SPIDERS WEB and do your best to stay Centered in WHO YOU ARE and watch how life comes to YOU with ease and grace, It is the only thing that can happen!!


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STARTING OVER I feel is the key to life! I Especially in this 21st Century. I feel that we have entered into the age of information. Not only data and facts, also in-for-mation with our Higher Selves and I AM here to help people return back to themselves.

I feel we can help each other help others as we move deeper and deeper into this Information Age. Check out my Expert page and let me know how we can help each other.

Thank you,
Heather Buzzard