Ever heard the phrase “your network is your networth”? In this case it is absolutely true. From serving as platforms for connecting people to digital marketing platform, social media is now taking on a new business idea. I'm a single mom with a beautiful 8 years daughter, and I started to work as an Instagram blogger influencer for last two years. I like to share my experience in a few words with you.

Who is an instagram influencer?

So who is the Instagram influencer and why the companies approach influencers for marketing. An Instagram influencer is an Instagram user who through good social media contents has gathered a large number of followers and post great content for the followers.

I basically created an interesting instagram page and was consistent with my posts and updates on makeup and beauty products. With good use of hashtags and following the right persons, I gradually organically gained a decent number of instagram followers. This is where you as an influencer begin to make money. You do not have your active Instagram; you can use platforms such as Socialtradia to get yours.

As soon as I gathered a large number of instagram followers, I increased my social media content and included some products adverts in my posts.
Now I do not just go all out and advertise these products. I use them as test products from the marketers and review them on my page along side with the information on where to get them.

Pretty soon I have big brands contacting me to market their products for a price.

As an instagram influencer, you can use your page or instagram blog to generate income. You are literally a social media marketer but with a more interesting and captivating way of selling products or services to consumers.

Instagram influencers are now a digital middleman between brands and customers.

Companies have come to realize that just having social media adverts might not cut it with customers but instagram influencers put a more human touch and approach to selling their products.

An instagram user is more likely to purchase a makeup or beauty product if any one of the instagram influencers have used them in a tutorial video or has done a review of the product on their page.

You can make a whole lot of money being an instagram influencer and your work hours are your own. You can combine it with school or a full time job. Although gaining instagram followers organically can be quite daunting but with consistency it pretty much happens soon.

How can you be an instagram influencer?

I started out by creating a normal instagram account, soon I discovered hashtags and their importance. Hashtags literally allows persons outside your circle see your post. To ensure you capture your audience, your post has to be interesting and detailed. I usually made posts about four times a day at strategic times. Soon I was reviewing beauty products and marketing them. From there it was a spin-off.

Using videos or series of videos are good for doing product preview and with the new multiple pictures features on instagram you can post all the pictures in a series once.

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