People love to have music downloaded in their devices to listen offline when there is no access to the internet, during break time in their office or when they are simply bored. Streaming online consumes up your mobile data and your battery power. You can save music to listen to offline if you are someone who travels more often.

If you have a constant problem with your internet connection, then it is hard to stream music online. If you stream a song online while you are doing some work from the same device, it can slow down your internet connection. Offline music is a great companion in times when you are bored while waiting in line for your turn or you need some good music to listen to at any time.

Music Player Applications:

You can download music player apps that let you listen to music without an internet connection. Mentioned here are some of the best offline music player applications:


Using this application, you can listen to music with great sound qualities. By upgrading this app to a premium version, you can also view the lyrics of the songs offline while you enjoy the music.


Some applications claim to provide songs offline but after downloading you realize that they do not do so, but Musicolet gives you access to music without an internet connection. This app has no ads making it one of the most famous downloads on Google Play Store.

Google Play Music:

It is already installed on android devices. If you are someone who wishes to listen to their favourite songs without installing complex applications, then this application is perfect for you. It is ad-free and lets you listen to music offline after you download it from any website.

YouTube Downloader:

You can make use of a YouTube downloader to save your favourite music and listen to it offline without any internet connection. Many great YouTube downloaders are available on the internet that offer great features that make your downloading experience memorable.

For example, you can use MP3 Studio to save music to listen offline. You can also download an application for this YouTube downloader for free. This application lets you listen to YouTube songs online before you can download on your device.

It is really simple to download music using this app to fill your device with your favourite songs. You can easily download an entire playlist online to enjoy music offline.

Use Spotify Application:

Spotify is an excellent and most famous application for listening to offline music. For this purpose, you can download your type of songs from the application to enjoy when you visit places with no internet connection.

You can get Spotify Premium which lets you download 10,000 songs on five different devices so that you can listen to offline music. This application enables you to download an entire album and playlist. You can save music by clicking on the Download option only if you are a Premium Subscriber. You can click on the Offline Mode on Spotify to avoid unnecessary streaming to save mobile data.

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