No one can deny the fact that people find a way to improve the quality of their life. Gone are the days when people would rely on expensive medicines to feel better. In today’s time, herbs are ruling the lives of many people around the globe. One such herb that continues to be hounded by critics is kratom. This tropical plant grows in Southeast Asia and is illegal in many countries around the world.

Owing to its controversial legal status, manufacturers sell kratom online. One such vendor that has a very good reputation in the minds of kratom users is kratom crazy. Once you visit the website, you will be astonished to see the vast array of kratom strains available for sale.
In this article, we will provide you with an honest review of JongKong powder on kratom crazy.

What is JongKong powder?

JongKong is a popular kratom strain that is similar to maeng da. This strain is acknowledged by many as a mighty strain that has strong effects. It has this iconic name because it grows close to the Kapuas River in the province of JongKong. People who consume this strain claim it provides a soothing effect to the body. When we visited Kratom crazy, we saw that the product description mentioned its JongKong powder as 100% lush green.
The website also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to the customers so that unhappy clients can get their bucks back.

1. Price

JongKong powder is available at an economical price on kratom Crazy. You can get 100 grams for $19.99. However, if you order more quantity of this powder, the total price eventually comes down. This means you can buy 1 kg of KC red JongKong powder for $89.99 and save more than 54% of your money. Another interesting to note about the website is they sell a whopping 5000 grams of kratom to customers. So you can buy 5kg of this strain from the website without any restrictions.


Once you visit the website, you will come across pictures of JongKong powder pictures. However, kratom crazy has a perfect packaging for all of its products. Behind every product, you will come across “lab-tested” clearly mentioned. Kratom crazy doesn’t compromise on the quality and has a lot of 5-star customer reviews in the testimonial section.

3. Effects

Though kratom has no proven health benefits for the body, people who consume this herb claim, it has incredible benefits for the body. Unlike other kratom strains, fans claim that JongKong is a stronger sedative and has better effects on the body. People who are frequent consumers of this strain claim it can relax the mind for odd number of hours and improve their energy level. Many people confess that JongKong helps them in increasing their focus and motivation. Overall, JongKong is a well respected kratom strains among these herbs fans. Owing to kratom crazy’s international repute, this strain is also a must-try for those who swoon over this herb.

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