Today was a re-creation of when I was 8 years old. Only it wasn't me it was my 7 & 4 year old granddaughters. You see their father died after a year long battle with cancer. Even though he and my daughter are not together he was a great father. Heck, you think you over something but your not. It took me right back to when my father died. I was 8; he died of stomach cancer the same thing almost.

I usually don't question God, but why him. He was a good father even though my daughter and he were at odds. Well maybe one of you have some words of encouragement. I am at a loss. What really hurts is when we went to school to pick her up, I watched a father leaving the building with his children and thoughts went back to my dad and how he shelter me and then to these two little girls who won't ever have that special moment again and I began to cry.

I really thought I had that whole thing settled in my mind but I guess not. This morning when my daughter got that phone call and my husband told me I was 8 again remembering my mother and grandmother coming out of the room crying. The house almost instantly filled with people. The sad thing is I can’t even go home (Boston) for the funeral because I am not well enough to travel.

My thoughts are on those two little girls, who will be at their recitals now, who will be their at the graduations, who will give them away when they get married? My daughter is strong and I will pray for her, but no matter who or what you are life still hurts. So tonight before you go to bed give your loved ones an extra hug and kiss goodnight. They just might not be there in the morning.

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I hold Doctorate in Pastoral counseling and certifications in Herbology, drug and alcohol counseling, aroma-therapy, prayer meditations, Healing Touch Therapy, Creative Healing Art Therapy & relaxation.

I am the head Pastor of the Renewal Center in Delaware City, DE.

I am also an instructor at Wilmington University Graduate Center. I was the therapist & Chaplain for Bowling Green Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, and also coordinator for the YWCA of New Castle County Domestic Violence Program. I am the founder of Renewal of the Spirit Institute. The Institute provides training in Pastoral Counseling, HIV, Domestic Violence, Hospice, & Theology. The Institute also provides herbal training, Wholistic health care training, Life Mapping, and Healing techniques.