How well can you read your pet’s behavior? Most owners know when their animals are stressed, and usually, when they are sick. But, how many people trust their intuition when it comes to their animal’s well being and health care? In this post I will share some amazing animal stories which involve acting on my psychic sense. Recently I was also asked to medically intuit, for a client’s beloved cat. It is not something I am called on to do very often. I set my intention clearly and asked for specific information, the same way I do when I channel on health related issues for people. This story, which I have saved for last, is testimony to the fact that we truly can gather and know, more than we realize and give our self credit for, including what’s wrong with our four legged friends and family.

Last year we lost one of our cats, Valentine. For weeks I had a funny feeling that something was wrong neurologically. Honestly, Valentine was acting coo-coo! She was obsessed with the idea of eating, pawing at her empty bowl, licking the floor and carpet, and repeatedly running to the closet where we keep the cat food. But at mealtimes she’d sniff her food and walk away, or eat it and immediately regurgitate. I have had cats for many years, and know it is common and harmless for them to purge, when they are stressed, have a hairball, or something doesn’t taste right, but Valentine was throwing up excessively.

I brought her to the animal clinic. After checking the vitals, and putting her through a battery of tests, including blood work, dental exam, and an extensive G.I. series, all the results came back normal. Our veterinarian deduced that she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. “Maybe she has Anorexia and Bulimia” I said half joking, but in reality her demeanor reminded me of children I’ve worked with, who suffer from this anxiety disorder. One would never guess that Valentine was dying. She was alert, active, and cheerful. We tried everything to entice her to eat, including fresh chicken, tuna, and salmon. We gave her, a round of antibiotics, cortisone, and anti anxiety medication. We supplemented her with a Nutri-Cal gel, but nothing worked. She was slowly and surely starving herself to death. It was heartbreaking. On the day I elected to have her euthanized, I spoke with the Vet again about my hunch. She agreed that Valentine probably was suffering from some sort of brain pathology…

When our other cat Phoenix recently stopped eating, I felt a bit panicky, haunted by the experience with Valentine. I waited for two days to see if his appetite picked up. It didn’t, but at least he was drinking water, and the liquid from a can of tuna. I brought him in for a medical examination. His temperature was normal, and his ears, gums, and throat, all looked fine. The veterinarian drew blood to screen for a variety of feline diseases, and said, “Maybe he has IBS”. “Even though Phoenix is asymptomatic, can we give him a round of antibiotics”? I asked. “For some reason, I just have a feeling he has an upper respiratory infection”. This time I felt more confident following my intuition. “Sure, we can try a round of antibiotics, and I will give him an initial dose by injection, along with vitamin B 12, and some fluids to expedite things. Let’s give Phoenix another 48 hours to see if he improves. Call me and report back,” said the Vet. The following morning Phoenix ate his all of his wet food, leaving the dry. Within a few days he was back to normal…

A woman asked me for a psychic read on her cat’s health. “There’s an abscess on his rear leg. I have sensation of inflammation and swelling in the back area on the right haunch. I feel like another cat has bitten him, and the area is infected. Has he stopped eating,”? I said. “This is really interesting to hear, because a pet chiropractor worked with him earlier, and said the area you are describing was out of alignment. My other cat often jumps and attacks this cat from behind. Usually I am home to separate them, but I was gone all day yesterday, and when I came back I noticed something was wrong. He also had no interest in eating, just like you mentioned. Do you think he needs an antibiotic”, she asked? “Yes, I do”, I answered. “Thanks for this affirmation. I had the feeling he was bitten too”, she said…

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