A great way to spend a holiday is partying on your MALLORCA HOLIDAY RENTALS on the largest of the Balearic Islands. This island of strife became the calm island but it took a long time over a lot of history, a few conquerors and a couple of empires.

The Mallorcans have come a long way from their stone throwing days nearly three thousand years ago. Even though there is little sign of the earliest inhabitants there probably was trade between the Greeks and the Phoenicians in the early days: that is until the Romans arrived and chased everyone away. It still wasn't until 123 BC when Quinto Cecilio Metelo conquered the island that any real history started. With Roman culture impacting the Mallorcans, the Moors bought the advances in agriculture along with the citrus fruit and almonds. King Juame I put paid to the Moors constant plundering of merchant shipping when, in 1229, he took 155 ships filled with 5,000 horses and 15,000 men and annexed the island, enlarging the Kingdom of Aragon in the process. History records the construction of new buildings and new towns founded from then. Places like Bellver castle arose and the older Muslim Almudaina was turned into a Gothic palace, a new convent of Sant Francese began.

So ends the history lesson. Mallorca or Majorca, whichever you choose to call it, is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and probably the most popular in the Balearics. Palma de Mallorca is the capital where half of the island’s population live and is now the capital of package holidays. There the sun always shines and the alcohol flows, with fantastic scenery ideal for hiking and mountain biking. It’s a favourite haunt for the 18 to 30 clubs with a terrific night life and clubbing culture, but it’s also a place for the family. All the water sports you can imagine are there, everything from deep sea diving to watching the dolphins boat chasing. There are restaurants, bars, amazing villas and fantastic places to visit. There are caves, castles, mountains and of course the Soller railway.

Down on the coast there are long white sandy beaches or tiny rocky coves: look hard enough and you'll find the ideal one that suits you to the ground. The well known beaches are mostly resorts and over built with plenty of facilities. An alternative is to take the days out exploring the tiny villages on the island or visit the caves. There is no end to the activities that someone can enjoy.

There are a lot of majestic cathedrals and castles on the island considering that Mallorca is an island. Even with the castles and cathedrals taking up so much room, there are nature reserves like Dragon Island for instance: a small island off the western point of Mallorca filled with birds and lizards of numerous varieties. Getting there is easy on the ferry from Sant Elm or Port d'Andratx. Or stay on Mallorca itself where the turquoise water and the fine sandy beaches of Mondrago Natural Park are enticing. For a difference visit the wetlands of S'Albufera Natural Park and nature reserve. An excellent facility opened in 2007: the Palma Aquarium. With so much on offer it’s a wonder you never came on a MALLORCA HOLIDAY RENTALS before.

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