by Melissa Amendola

Most of us are familiar with the physical benefits of massage therapy. And, we all know & experience first hand throughout our daily interactions, the unavoidable stresses of life. The majority of clients that seek out massage therapy usually do so to help alleviate the physical manifestation of their accumulated stress. And, it is certainly well warranted & sought after, as consistent massage therapy helps to reduce your overall level of physical pain, stiffness & discomfort. It also helps to increase the range of motion of the major joints in your body. Educated, intuitive & skilled hands work out the accumulated knots, tensions & muscular adhesions that develop over time.

What about the emotional & mental manifestations of stress? Massage therapy also addresses those symptoms as well. Anxiety, depression, work related burn out and feeling tired & sluggish most of the day are all issues that we battle with from time to time. Regular bodywork & massage can help you to actually feel physically & emotionally lighter, more energized and more at peace. The mechanics of massage stimulate circulation and help to increase the overall levels of serotonin in our bodies inducing a strong sense of relaxation & well being.

There is one very important benefit to massage therapy that most people overlook. And that benefits consists of the experience of having another person touch us in a compassionate, nurturing, SAFE and loving way. If you really stop to think about this exchange, it is pretty profound. Our society does not encourage physical touch from another person, in a way that does not involve sexual, aggressive or violent intentions. Just think of the themes of the television shows, commercials and news media that we are overwhelmingly bombarded with every single minute of the day. Eighty to ninety percent of it all revolves around sex, traumatic events or violence. This is what we expose ourselves to in the context of human interactions. How many people do you hug, on a daily basis? Probably not many. Massage therapy is one of those beautiful exceptions to that status quo. In a massage session two people agree to let their guard down; one receiving nurturing, compassionate, healing touch and the other giving that nurturing, compassionate, healing touch. When this exchange of energy & intent happens in a safe, comfortable & supported environment the overall effect for both the receiver as well as the giver, is that of more peace, energy, balance and a greater sense of wellness for body, mind and spirit. And THAT, folks, is truly why I love my profession. The power of touch can be, and is so incredibly HEALING………………..

Author's Bio: 

Melissa is licensed by the state of Massachusetts as a Massage Therapist. She graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge MA in 2003 (now part of Cortiva Institute in Watertown MA) and has been practicing since. Along with providing muscular therapy, she is also a Usui Reiki Master & Shamballa Master/Teacher. As a result, she offers reiki & shamballa sessions, aromatherapy massage, meditation classes, as well as chakra balancing sessions.

Melissa’s approach is simple yet nurturing, “My objectives are to rejuvenate the heart, body & soul of clients and assist them in creating more peace, energy & balance in their lives through the use of massage therapy & other forms of body/energy work”

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