Instead of playing hide and seek with the traditional shell game, these shells are the open house that will “call” the names of your potential new clients. The game is to show-and-tell your product within the framework of the standard Shell Scheme. Basic Shell Scheme dimensions are generally constructed with 3x2, 3x3, 4x3, and 5x3 dimensions.

A shell scheme is perhaps the most basic type of exhibition stand format – two walls at a right angle, one shorter side wall and one longer “back” wall. All by themselves, they are plain and a little bit boring.

The Ingenious Shell Clad
At, we have introduced the ingenious and very practical Shell Clad. Our patented Shell Clad clips effortlessly slide into the Shell Scheme's metal pole slats. Your company display is then mounted onto the clips for a seamless presentation – voila!

The wrap-around-graphics give your customers a sense of fluidity. Your brand is within plain sight at the super – low startup cost of only £219. Designed in bright and festive colors, its fanciful message is intended to delight and draw in your client base for a one of a kind theme presentation.

With the Shell Clad, it's not just posters on walls. The walls consist of the posters themselves – giving guests a feeling of existing within the ad itself.

Graphic Kit Options
Our fresh and multi-colored graphics are designed to provide a seamless graphic effect from beginning to end. We provide you with the pieces you need to have a fresh, uplifting shell display to your basic Shell Scheme framework.

The 3x2 graphics kit comes to a £1095 with five or seven Shell Clad panels. Alternatively,
• 3x3 graphics kit is £1314 with six or nine Shell Clad panels.
• The 4x3 graphics kit, at £1533 results in seven or ten Shell Clad panels.
• The 5x3 graphics kit at £1752 provides eight or eleven shell Clad panels.

Foam In-Fill Panels
Classic Foam In-fill Panels fit the shell scheme to create a very fresh and sturdy presentation area. The smallest foam board kit contains 5 or 7 printed panels for the smallest shell scheme, and so on. The foam board kits are priced from £700 to £1100 and are intended for long term usage. The larger sized panels will require a van or similar vehicle for suitable transport. The foam board printed panels have a fresh bright look, and best of all, they are easy to assemble.

The Quick Tack Method
We've provided an alternative method too quickly and effectively “tack up” your graphic without the use of pins or hangers. Adhesive based, they are designed to give a professional look for the last minute marketer working within a tight budget and a deadline.

The Quick Tack panels resemble printed roll up posters, but have a peel-off, sticky backing enabling you to affix them directly to the Shell Scheme backing, leaving no residue. Economically priced, they are both lightweight and very practical to use.

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