Most homeowners have home improvement projects that aren’t getting done strictly because of the cost to do them. One way that you can do something to your home that will be worth it is to invest in a Murphy Bed with couch. These pieces of furniture are useful in many ways. One of which is that they can add some major value to your home. Even though it isn’t cheap to install a Murphy Bed with couch, many people are using these as a way to make their home more functional and comfortable. And using these improvements as an investment.

The Murphy Bed With Couch Or Sofa Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed with couch, also known as the Sofa Murphy Bed has been a solution for hotels that long ago realized that pull-out sofa beds were uncomfortable, difficult to set up and honestly, a liability with their scissor-like retractable frames. The Sofa Murphy Bed allows the use of a custom Murphy Bed in a living room or any other room without compromising valuable space for seating. With the Murphy Bed in the down position, you will no longer have to dread an uncomfortable night that is often associated with sleeping in the extra bed.

What better way is there to take advantage of areas with limited space? As the owner of one Murphy Bed with couch company told the Palm Beach Post, “The Murphy Bed is a dynamic, function-adding product that will increase the value of a person’s home.”

Ways To Add Value To Your Home

There is never a wrong time to add value to your home. You might be preparing to sell or just thinking about selling, or just looking to improve what you’ve already got. In any case, there are plenty of things you can do to make your home value go up — including installing a Murphy Bed with couch. Here are a few more suggestions from More Space Place that can give your home value a boost.

● Organization — An organized home is not just for people with OCD. A home that is free of clutter will look cleaner and bigger too. A home that fits those categories is much more attractive to potential buyers. Therefore, your home value has gone up.
● More square footage — The bigger the home, the higher the home value. It might not be possible to increase your actual square footage. But you can add some cabinets and shelves that will reduce the clutter and make any room look a little bigger. Bonus tip: cabinets with an oak or walnut finish will look more expensive and add to the attractiveness to buyers.
● Dual function rooms — You know what potential homebuyers like? Space! By creating a dual-function room, it is almost like doubling that space. In addition to the Murphy Bed with couch that we discussed earlier, there are a few more Murphy Bed styles that can give you a multi-function room. By adding some unique Murphy Bed furniture, you can transform a small home office into a home office/guest bedroom. And you won’t sacrifice any space when you do!
● More storage — The garage and your closets are a couple of potential additional storage areas. It is also a great way to help keep your belongings neat and organized. There’s a great chance you’ll get more out of your buyer with some attractive closet or garage storage or workspace.
● Tree trimming — This is one of the easiest ways to increase your home value. And you can most likely do it yourself. Even if you can’t do it on your own, studies have shown that the money you spend to fertilize, trim, prune, etc your trees is something you will get back when you decide to sell your home.
● New face plates and wall switches — When you moved in, the light switch covers probably looked good. Now, maybe not so much. Sometimes they get chipped or cracked. Or maybe they just look dated. Either way, it is pretty inexpensive to replace them with something that is current and looks great. Plus, it’s easy to do!

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Contributed by Shiraz Kahn