As I look back on 2015, I think "Wow! What an amazing year!" Yes, it had some challenges and disappointments. No, my income wasn't as high as I had planned. But, I can look back and say it was truly an amazing year and I am blessed beyond belief. Let me recap to explain why.

In January I began on a cruise with a group of about 60 people who were looking to take life up a notch. And, boy, did we! Many of us on that cruise have co-written a book on thriving that is about to be released.

In February I traveled to Nashville for the first time. This city is a city I have longed to go to for many years. It is a vibrant city for many reasons other than the obvious reason of being called "Music City". The foodie culture is evident in every neighborhood. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. While there I attended several startup events, attended business seminars, and toured coworking spaces. From that came two business opportunities. First, I was asked to travel to Costa Rica to cover a story for Soles4Souls, which Kim Kardashian recently gave a large donation to. I covered that story in May. After meeting the marketing manager for a new restaurant, The Vine (a great place for my fellow foodies to try!! You won't be disappointed.), I was asked to Tweet during a slow night. Within an hour NashTV and a national food blogger followed the tweets. Success!

February also marks the month I released my first book, 7 Beautiful Weeks: The Love Affair That Wasn't Meant to Last.

Not a bad year, and we are only two months in.

In April I return to Orlando to judge for the DECA International Collegiate Business Plan Competition. This was not only a highlight because my passion is mentoring college students; but, in networking with the other judges I met one in particular that would become instrumental later in the year.

In June I relocated for the summer and lived "the beach life". This happened because in February I visited an out-of-state friend when I saw a Facebook post of another friend about a Startup Weekend an hour away from the friend I was visiting. I quickly drove down to help mentor for the Startup Weekend. Through networking an offer was presented for me to help some startups get "off the ground" and lead a group of interns. I was living the dream: coaching entrepreneurs, mentoring bright, young students, and living on the beach.

With the beach life over, the story of the other judge for the DECA competition comes back into sight. When we met part of our conversation revolved around him sharing his trip to Italy to meet family and my desire to go to Italy. It was now time to book that long-awaited trip, and I reached out to let him know. He connected me with one of his family members there. We connected and because of this connection, I not only had advice, but a host, tour guide, and eventually a friend. Networking enriches your life and you never know where it will lead.

While in Italy, I published book number two, The Spontaneous Journey, which was written about the 10-week long adventures I had earlier in the Spring, covering one of my favorite cities, Nashville.

I spent a month in Italy and returned just in time to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. And this Christmas I got to celebrate twice since both of my children live in different cities.

In conclusion, I could choose to focus on the few disappointments or I can recall the wonderful memories from visiting 3 different countries and several new states. I can count the numerous friends I have made along the way. I can look at the thousands of pictures I took while journaling my travels and know that I am blessed.

Author's Bio: 

Royce Gomez is passionate about startups, food, travel, writing. 2015 was full of stories about all of these subjects. Royce has called herself the "vagabond entrepreneur" this year combining work and play all over the world. With three books, several startups, and covering international stories to her credit, she is a dynamic startup consultant.