Technology in a business scenario can refer to a tool, a software, a system or a business process, developing and implementing of which can accelerate growth, reduce costs, manage risks, foster talents, or simply make way for change. In the management consulting space. Information technology consulting is a subcategory, focusing on enabling organisations to use their information technology services in the best way possible to achieve organizational objectives. Today’s business scenario, where technology is both an opportunity and a threat, organisations have to be agile for change. This is where information technology consulting comes in the picture – it can be the deciding factor between sustaining or becoming obsolete. Let us understand what incorporates technology consulting, and explore the services of M3 consulting and Infor consultant jobs.

The challenges and opportunities that technology firms face are unique for each firm. However, most of these firms are faced with some general trends in the industry – shifting IT architecture within companies and across industries; new and improved emerging technology solutions; technological innovations; changing business models and business processes; new business applications; rising complexity concerning laws and competition. These trends outline how technology firms evolve, what business decisions they take, what kind of opportunities and hurdles they face, and what solutions they hunt. This article focuses on defining the specific solutions or needs of technology firms in areas of consulting.

Areas of Technology Consulting

Technology firms, at different organisational and growth levels, have different consulting needs. What a start-up is looking for as its tech-driven marketing medium would be totally different for a long-established firm. Many factors play into this decision, and an IT consultant can help in this situation in more ways than one:
• Industry stalwarts initiate and advance acquisitions, refine their existing customer segmentation, improve sales effectiveness, streamline processes, advance R&D, focus on cost reduction, and others
• Organisations come out of stagnant positions in their business life cycles
• Companies identify new and innovative growth opportunities to advance towards becoming market leaders
• Emerging companies continue their growth trajectory and scale their businesses into greater heights
• Risk assessment, security consulting and disaster management planning
• Leverage the new and upcoming technology solutions offered by the industry such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and others (product innovation)
• Understand and leverage regulations and norms
• Understand competitor concentration in the industry and leverage opportunities in accordance

Emerging Opportunities

The information life cycle is becoming shorter by the day. Strategic strengths that once led organisations to become market leaders are now shared by all players (take the example of artificial intelligence). This means you need more than period upgrades to stay relevant; you need to modernize the way you visualize and ‘do technology’. This involves thoroughly analysing the capabilities you have right now, and the ones you need to get on board. Some technology services and solutions offered by consulting firms across the globe including
• Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, Data Analytics, etc.
• Technology strategy and enterprise architecture development
• Application development
• Cyber-risk security and privacy infrastructure
• Cloud transformation solutions
• SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft services
• Guidewire and Workday solutions
• Amazon Web Services, and many others

Requisite Skills

Technical expertise and soft skills complement one another and go hand-in-hand in case of consulting. An effective IT consultant is expected to be adept in the following set of skills:
• Communications skills
• Advisory skills
• Technical knowhow of the products
• Management skills
• Negotiation skills
• Conflict resolution skills
• Innovative thinking
• Commercial, social and technical awareness

Infor Consulting Services

Infor consulting aims at helping identify and optimize the real value in their information technology investments. With over 3,200 Infor consultant jobs in action across 190 countries, the cultural understanding and global exposure that it has to offer are unique. With an average of 10 years of hands-on experience, Infor consultants carry an in-depth knowledge of how tech-solutions work in specific industries and organisations and adapt those solutions to the changing business environments. Partnering with Infor Consulting Services would mean joining hands with one of the best in the market.

M3 Consulting Services

An independent, client-oriented consulting firm, M3 specializes in increasing business productivity, converting organisational needs into actionable inputs and growing the business in line with the changing market dynamics. They recommend platforms, tools, software and practices that are innovative and agile. They broadly focus on 4 areas of work – Understanding business objectives; translating objectives into actionable goals, reviewing and auditing systems and processes and conducting holistic internet strategy consulting.

Get in touch with an Infor M3 consultant today to address all your information technology-related needs, for an effective and sustainable modernization of your IT systems. A trained Infor M3 consultant understands both technical and non-technical issues attached to a company’s IT efforts and provides a holistic way through the entire process.

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