Money is the force that drives our economy, puts food on the table and keeps us warm at night; money is what makes the nation as large and diverse as it is and what gives each and every one of us the chance to do something amazing and worthwhile with our lives. However, money can also be the cause of ruined or tarnished relationships, the cause of anger, stress, and worry. Money works however well you want it to work, and however well you need it to work. That is, of course, if you make your decisions wisely and do not allow a margin of error where you can lose your money on lost time.

The more money someone makes, the more they generally spend. This is what typically makes our economy bustle, giving back what we receive. And for the most part everyone does a good job of this. However, stocks, bonds, and investments are all also some ways in which our economy grows, while keeping the money where it belongs—with you. There is no need to look at all the downsides of money such as the cruel nature it invokes in people or the way it “makes the world go round”. Instead, focus on all of the benefits that can come to you by earning it. You get a sense or strength and pride that will build moral character. You are also able to support yourself and a family. You can plan for retirement or watch it grow (or diminish) by making solid investments and gaining more knowledge.

See the aspect of money in a positive light. With it, you can make investments, you can save for your future, and you can save for your children’s future to ensure they are able to go college or enjoy once in a lifetime experiences. You can pay off any debt that you may have, leaving your slate wiped clean and relieving a cement brick of stress from your shoulders. Money may just go from one household to another, from business to business, in the circular flow of life, but it does much more than that mentally. Mentally, money can make or break a person. It is because of this that money can be considered to work in the simplest of ways. It can give you a lot, or it can take away everything you have. The most important thing that money has to offer you is stability in a very hectic era.

For these reasons, it is important to always keep a savings. Put aside any excuses you may have, and start doing it as soon as possible. It does not need to be in a bank account, it can be kept in the easiest and least complex of ways—under your bed, stashed in a decorate jar right out in the open, but where no one will find it. The key aspect here is that you have it when you need it. Savings help you plan for your future. You may put this money into a retirement plan for your expenses when you retire or invest it in other funds and stocks or bonds after getting some stock investing advice, or you may just want to keep this money in your savings for your immediate future, to be able to pay for any unforeseen mishap or other unexpected expenses. Luck works in mysterious ways but money has always been very straight forward, plain, and simple. In an age where everything has a price tag on it, it is a huge relief to know that you have it on your side during the times that you need it the most.

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