When you take your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN you will soon realize the Spanish people are well known for being a friendly, open and welcoming culture. The Spanish are also known for holding the family unit in high esteem with the children held even higher. I have often wondered if this feeling of family closeness is from the time of the Barbary Pirates. This was a time in history when pirates raided the coast capturing many people including children. Some communities were abandoned when complete family units were ether captured or killed. Because of the pirate raids on Spain, it makes you wonder if this is the reason the family unit is regarded as being so important. This friendliness is one of Spain's biggest draws.

At one time, Spain was a major power in the world spreading their culture everywhere they went. This is evident when you take into consideration how many countries in the world speak Spanish. Besides the language influence, Spain has spread its art, poetry, cuisine, music, dance and architecture.

The Spanish culture is derived from the many different civilizations that have occupied this country. The Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks and Moors have all left their mark on Spain in one way or another. As a result of all this, you could call the Spanish culture a melting pot that includes a little bit from each of these societies. Not to be left out is the Visigoths who introduced some Germanic influences and added some German words to the Spanish words to the Spanish language. These influences also extended to the gothic architecture which is evident across Hispanic cultures.

When the Moors occupied Spain in the 8th century they also left behind some elements of Moorish culture. These elements included artistic and architectural influences established all over the country. The other evidence of their presence is the fabulous gardens which were maintained by their intricate irrigation system. In addition to this, the Arabs influence in the Spanish language is readily evident in words starting with the “al” prefix. Not to be left out are the Romans whose architecture is evident all over the country. The edifices left behind in the way of villas, bath houses, aqueducts and a lot more that is beyond compare. Over the centuries these monuments have once again seen the light of day.

The French, located just next door, travelled extensively throughout Spain in the eleventh century in the form of pilgrims and ecclesiastics. This friendly intervention contributed French words and phrases and cuisine along with spiritual customs and an impact on the arts. Another country that influenced Spanish culture in a friendly way was the Italians. This influence came from the Aragonese due to the popularity of Italian poetry in Spain. This influence extended to words used in the vocabulary, cuisine and music during this period.

When you arrive at your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN you can see over the centuries Spain's culture has undergone a lot of changes from influences of many different cultures. A good way to appreciate this amazing culture is to study the language. This will give you an insight into the vast and rich culture that exists there today.

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