A safari package holiday is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Africa is a truly great place to visit. Visitors to Africa are always enthralled by the abundant and diverse animals. Large and powerful such as elephants always fascinate visitors as they interact with each other in the African bush. Many guests to the continent mention how a safari package holiday to this destination satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. Maybe it’s because this continent is vast and ancient, and the oldest roads on the continent are those forged by elephants as the follow paths that they have used for many generations. Everyone agrees, though, that everyone must go on a safari holiday at least once in their lives. This article shall briefly describe one beautiful destination within Africa that is the perfect place to visit on vacation. This place is the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The Victoria is the largest falling sheet of water in the world. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It was named by the great English explorer, David Livingstone, who named it after his Queen (Victoria). There are two sides to the waterfall - the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides and both are well worth a visit, along with the Falls itself. An eternal debate seems to run about whether travellers should stay on the Zimbabwean or Zambian side, but really it depends on the time of year that you visit and which lodge or hotel takes your fancy.

The local people call the Victoria Falls “the smoke that thunders”. From a distance guests cannot see the waterfalls. All they can see is mist as it rises into the air resembling the smoke from a fire. However, this smoke is different in that it has an unmistakeable sound. The “smoke” roars and thunders.

These days guests to the Victoria Falls enjoy a special activity called “the flight of angels”. It is a flight over the Victoria Falls. As the great explorer who first discovered this beautiful place paddled gently down the Zambezi River in his canoe and witnessed the Victoria Falls for the first time he reasoned, “scenes so beautiful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”. This is why this activity of flying over the waterfall in a helicopter was given its name.

In conclusion, guests should step out of their daily routine and go on African safari holidays. In Africa guests are sure to gain a new positive perspective about nature and their own place within nature. They are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Visiting Africa is truly a great way to spend a holiday.

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