Spoken of by the prophets 2,000 years before his birth, being sent to a lost and dying world to set right what Adam had failed to do. A plan by Almighty God to restore your relationship with himself. The 'cornerstone' which would become the stumbling block to many.

Where is the Messiah? How long will our God, Jehovah, let us suffer at the hands of the Romans? Surely he will send a mighty all conquering King to give Israel, his chosen, their Glory once again.

The wisemen new this King would soon appear. The Angels had declared to them to follow a great and brilliant star and beneath it they would discover Israel's King. I don't know if these men were prepared to meet a king in such a humble setting. As they made there way into this small town there weren't any trumpets or soldiers announcing his arrival. Surely no castle or kingdom where he was residing. Passing through the narrow and dark streets they spotted a faint, flickering light in a stable where cows were visible and two people were kneeling beside a small wooden box. The star's glorious light shone directly down on the roof of this unsuspecting stable. Each one approached, doubting in their minds, that this could be no king, surely not the Son of the Most High God. Had they traveled those many miles and somehow missed the king's arrival? The Holy Spirit spoke to these men's hearts confirming that this child born in a manger was indeed Jesus...the Christ! God's Son sent to us for our Salvation. The God who had created the universe had entered this earth in the most humbling of arenas.

When Jesus began to grow up in Nazareth he learned his earthly father's trade. Jesus was a carpenter and I bet there was no one better at the trade. This was God among us. He built the universe, carpentry seemed very pale in comparison. Jesus realized at a very young age what he was to build was not constructed with wood and nails, but he was to build Faith in men's hearts towards their Creator. One day when his parents searched desperately for him, he was in the Temple and he told them he was doing his Father's work.

Mary and Joseph knew their child was the greatest Blessing the world would ever receive, but I wonder if they knew what a terrible price he would be asked to pay?

When his ministry began Jesus approached John the Baptist and asked that he might baptize him, but John responded he didn't believe he was righteous enough to baptize him. John did agree and when Jesus came up our of the river a dove from Heaven descended on his head, John declared that here is Jesus the Messiah.

His miracles that followed began with a wedding where Jesus turned water into wine. His prayer on a hillside over 2 fish and 5 barley loaves fed 5,000. The blind see, the lame leap, the lepers are healed, Peter finds himself walking on water, the lady with an issue of blood was instantly healed simply by touching the hem of Jesus' garment. His compassion for the sick and people in great despair was shown wherever he went. Jesus never turned anyone away. When Mary and Martha cried before Jesus, because their brother, Lazarus had passed away, Jesus began to weep. Tears of sorrow or tears of joy, because Jesus knew upon his command the Father would raise Lazarus from the tomb.

This man loved like no man has ever loved. His kindness and compassion melted men's hearts to whomever witnessed these events. He had come to this earth not in the way men had envisioned a king, but his impact on humanity was far greater than any king or kingdom to ever exist.

When his apostles gathered with him in the upper room for the Last Supper, Jesus would show his apostles the ultimate act of love when he proceeded to wash each of their feet. Think for just a moment...this was God, Creator, Lord of Glory washing his creation's feet...WOW! This is the place where Jesus wants us to be, humble, without pride, willing and able to love our brother and sister like God loves us. By this act he's shown us if I, God of the Universe will disregard my place of authority and integrity for my loved ones, how much more should you and I sacrifice?

Even as the betrayal had taken place and the Roman soldiers led him away, his ability to constantly love mankind flourished. Peter had taken his sword and cut off the ear of the high priest's slave and immediately Jesus commanded Peter to put his sword away and healed the man's ear. As he looked down from the cross and watched his creation gamble for his belongings, being taunted on both sides by criminals being crucified along side, One man asked Jesus, 'remember me Lord when you enter your Kingdom' and Jesus replied, 'this day you will be with me in Paradise.' As the blood ran down from his horrible wounds, as the people below him yelled every imaginable blasphemous word against him, he replied, 'Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.' Jesus yelled out 'It is Finished' and he gave up the ghost.

He could have beckoned 10,000 Angels to remove him from the cross, but he chose to complete his mission. From that very brilliant star lit night, in that lowly stable, the wisemen has traveled far to see the King. He had arrived in very humble beginnings and at the Last Supper he never lost sight of the manger. He knew who he was, why he came and to whom he served.

Israel this was and is your mighty King, this man named Jesus! God sent him to earth in a way least expected, but he had left an undeniable trail...JESUS WAS TRULY THE MESSIAH!


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64 year old male living with wife of 43 years, Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Graduated in 1969, served 6 years in Naval Reserve. Have held positions as Import Manager with Customs House Brokerage firms, Route Salesman, Truck Driver and Target logistics team member. Recently retired, God has Blessed me to write two Christian books and I just started a website helping people deal with the horrible symptoms of neuropathy. Visit me at neuropathynick.com