It doesn't make any difference what time of the year you book your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN BARCELONA as you will always find a party going on. These well known parties are in the form of a fiesta. There is no place in the world like Barcelona when it comes to celebrating a fiesta. There is one time during the year when this vibrant city exceeds itself though. On the 23rd of June the Festival of Saint John takes place: this is one celebration not to be missed.

This fiesta celebrates the summer solstice also known as Vebenas which translates to “open air fiestas”. You will need to make your plans well in advance as hundreds of thousands of visitors travel every year to Barcelona for this celebration. The festival starts on the eve of Saint John's day which is a public holiday including the following day so be ready to party all night long.

This fiesta has been held since pagan times and celebrates the summer solstice with fire as many other different cultures have over the centuries. These traditions are still adhered to with bonfires and fireworks held all over Barcelona during this fiesta. One popular custom is to jump over the bonfire then write a wish on a piece of paper and place it in the fire. It is said that the wish will come true in the coming year. I don't know about you but I know where I will be when the celebration takes place next year, with a pen in hand. It is also believed that if a young couple jumps over the bonfire hand in hand seven times they will have a long and happy life. During this fiesta water is believed to be a cleansing element much like the baptisms of Saint John thus absolving you of all your sins. Don't be surprised to see people jump over the bonfires and then run to the sea for a dip: they could be on fire. All this frivolity carries on until the sun comes up.

In the old barrios of Barcelona is where the traditional celebration take place and these parties exemplify what Saint John's day is all about. When packing for this occasion bring your dancing shoes with you. The town squares are full of people dancing to live music along with other kinds of entertainment. All these activities are accompanied by the bangs of Petardos which are a form of fireworks that can be bought throughout the city. There are also food stalls with local delicacies on offer don't miss a chance to sample these offerings as they are outstanding.

When scheduling your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN BARCELONA make sure it's during the Festival of Saint John for a party of a life time. To be part of this, the biggest Catalonia event of the entire year, is simply amazing. If you can't make it during this time of the year then come any time as this cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer in the way of history and entertainment. Just remember to make Barcelona your next holiday destination and you will return year on year.

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