Even though the TV unit design for living room is one of the key components in our home, we often to fail to match its style with our interior décor, thanks to our lack of knowledge about the available furniture styles in the market. And this is not the only reason because of which we make a disastrous look with the TV units in our living room.

Not only our partial knowledge leads us to choose a wrong style but also it never allows us to see beyond our set prejudices about the TV stand designs. This is why here we have described some of the common and uncommon TV unit styles and designs which will make you wonder about the magnificence and diversity of this single furniture type.


Wall Mounted Sleek Designs

The wall mount TV unit designs are best for homes where there isn’t enough space for you to keep the base standing TV designs. When it comes to the wall mount designs, there will be two options to choose from:

  1. Backless TV units where is a shelf like cabinet having drawers and open cubbies above which the TV can be installed.
  2. Back panel TV units where the cubby shelf is attached to large chunk of wooden back panel on which TV is installed.

Extendable TV Unit Designs

These TV stand designs are mainly known for their extendable functionality which is extremely helpful to sort out the shortness of space in your living interiors. These structures are usually compact in structure which can be extended as per your needs, be in terms of cubbies, open shelves or the tabletop of the cabinet design.

Cabinet Come Display TV Unit Designs

Some of the entertainment units have dual architectures integrated together in a single piece. There is a Tv display unit along with side cabinet towers where you can store and display your belongings as per your convenience. These pieces are very much helpful since you can use it as your Tv mount stand as well as your display cabinet for your living room.


Traditional Base Standing Styles

Often when your home has a traditional interior statement you have to choose furniture pieces which will complement the décor style and not cause a distraction. For such places, the traditional entertainment unit styles will be your perfect choice. In such furniture units, the architecture is marked with heavy wooden works with intricate designs that make them look like a living magic when placed right at the middle of the living room. These TV stand designs are known for their bulkiness and art deco architecture which you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Modern Base Standing styles

If you wish to have an LCD unit design with a modern finish, you have to ensure that the structure has a cleaner and sharper look with no to minimal works done on the wooden surfaces. Generally, the modern base standing units are made from laminated boards or a teak finish wood which are neutral in looks and easily represent the modern mindset of the 21st century. Metal hardware areas are usually incorporated into the structural architecture of the TV cabinet designs having a modern design.

Contemporary Base Standing Styles

For a contemporary look, you have to ensure that the finishing look of the furniture unit is either done in white or beige paint or natural teak lacquer paint in used on the solid wood surface. For incorporating this look in your home with the entertainment centers, you can have designs with fenced structures or wooden carvings done on the surface.


As per discussed, the TV unit designs are of many styles and forms which makes it easy for you to choose from a wide range of variety for your living space.

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