Revamping an office is much confusing than revamping home décor. Often people get confused over choosing furniture for the office. This article provides ideas of elegant and functional drafting chairs for office use.

Height plays a crucial role in ergonomics. There are many factors that you need to consider, such as how high the work surface is in comparison to your seating arrangement, at which height your arms must be positioned and whether your feet touch the floor, etc. All these are important to maintaining proper posture reducing pain. Users who need to sit on the drafting stools or the height desk may try an ergonomic chair. This kind of chair maintains the correct relative heights.

What is an ergonomic chair? It is a drafting chair having the following characteristics:

• The cylinder you will find elongated. It implies that the seat will be higher than the normal height. It may top out above 30”. The maximum height of an ordinary office chair is 22”.

• Since the seat is higher than the normal ones, feet could not touch the ground while seated. It has an elevated foot ring to rest them on.

In this context, it is important to note that a drafting chair is not for everyone. People who are used to seat on normal desks should not use this chair. As the desk surface is too high, it compels them to place their arms at odd angles so that they can use their keyboard and mouse. A drafting chair would resolve this problem giving birth to another problem. It would make the users' legs unable to fit under their desks. These users are suggested to consider an adjustable keyboard tray. They might also use an adjustable-height desk. Considering a sit-stand workstation can also elevate the users’ working experience. It can be fitted in a drafting chair. Now, it is easy to find high-quality and reasonable drafting and bentwood chairs for sale.

Listed below are some ideas for drafted chair and stools:


These super comfy seating arrangements have some coolest features, such as:

• Comfort and value- These chairs are made of the soft and pliable leather seat with tailored stitching detail and a number of sharp-looking geometrical designs.

• Sit to stand- These products help you avoid the ordeal of raising and lowering the sit to stand desk. You can sit comfortably at any height with this task chair’s extended height adjustment.

• Ergonomic adjustments- These products are designed scientifically to take care of your body. You can work with pneumatic height adjustment with optional height-adjustable arms for supporting the upper body.

On the move- now you are allowed to pull up your computer desk. Yes, it can happen. You should swivel around to communicate with your colleagues or wheel over to the snacks bar for a short break with these luxurious seating arrangements.

Durability- These chairs are not only cozy but also durable. You can be assured of their durability in the long run.

Poly and Bark Correna

Features of poly bark chairs include:

Functionality- These seats are adjustable having 360-degree swivel and footrest height
Ergonomic Comfort- The design is scientific and comfortable.
Quality Materials- These products are manufactured with Mesh-back design for giving the chairs breathability.

While considering drafting stools or chairs for your office, don’t forget to look at the products discussed above.

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The author is an interior designer and a lifestyle blogger. He has decorated many residents and commercial places. For residence, he focuses only on comfortable stools but when it comes to commercial places, he prefers drafting stools. Recently he has written a blog on how to choose the best suppliers offering bentwood chairs for sale.