Let’s end this year with an impressive showdown!

Winter is the perfect time to finish off in style. So, what else can be better than carrying out fun-activities in Santa’s native land, Lapland? Situated in Finland, this place is a magical manifestation of snow and dream combined. It carries with it a heart-melting beauty rarely known even to the coldest regions of the earth.

No wonder, our favourite Santa Claus chose to appear from this very land to make children’s wishes come true.

Get set to experience an enthralling beauty of this wonderland this winter! These are the fun-activities that would be worth it even if you reach there a week after Christmas.

Try them out!

Book an overnight stay at a hotel made of ice!

Yes, you heard it right. Some hotels in Lapland are entirely built of snow. Something cooler than the chilly winters of Finland – these hotels will not be the same as their internet pictures.

The reason? Well, the sculpture and design change every winter. Isn't that exciting to hear?

Some 30 people build it in two weeks, and the place is now rented out to visitors around Christmas. Also, you will not be short of any hotel facility here, like restaurants, bars, etc. Plus, the themed rooms will make you feel you are in one of those dreamlands talked about in fairy tales.

Now, don’t delay to finalise for your Lapland Itinerary ending this year.


Don’t believe those beautiful furry creatures give you a sledge ride? Experience for yourself. Dog-sledging with energetic huskies carrying you around in dry snow! Holidays couldn’t get better than this. Plus, the tranquil surrounding will leave you enchanted with its flawlessness.

Try out the Finnish Sauna

Honestly, Sauna is a major inclusion to the Finnish culture. People in this part of the world love to pamper themselves in small wooden rooms (sauna gondola) filled with steam while contrasting it with the cold and crisp environment outside.

Rent a sauna gondola in one of the ski resorts there, carry some beer and drink in the jacuzzi outside. Can anything get better? Well, a yes to that. The renting comes cheap when you plan a Lapland itinerary with a group of 8-12 people.

How about a reindeer safari?

Fun Fact: Reindeers have been the primary modes of transport in Lapland.

These semi-wild animals are tough but fun to ride. Spring and summers are a time when they live and procreate in forests, while in summers, they coyly return to the wooden stables made by a human. How wonderful it is to witness this unspoken rule being followed between the wild and the civilised!

Don’t miss saying a ‘Hi’ to Santa

As already said, the place is home to beloved Santa Claus. So, when in Lapland, how can you miss not exchanging pleasantries with him? Go to Rovaniemi and visit him for free. Nevertheless, get ready to shell out some bucks to capture this magnificent moment with everyone’s good old grandfather!

Now, that is a power package worth a lot in a few days of your life. Pack along some warm and cosy clothes, because you are going to witness the brisk yet fun, chilly days this winter.

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