When it comes to choosing the best quality luxury bedding, Egyptian cotton is a class apart. It has a global appeal and market. If you buy a sheet with this label, it offers assurances of quality, comfort, and craftsmanship. But, finding the right type is a challenge. There are many manufacturers making tall claims about their products despite selling low-quality Egyptian cotton.

You should stay aware of them. Buying 1200-count sheets or more can be daunting due to hyped marketing of such sellers. Some sheets may offer decent quality and proper thread counts at low prices. But they can be smaller in their sizing. So, here’s a standard sizing guide that can help in making the right buying decision when looking around for the luxurious high thread count long-staple Egyptian cotton bedding:

Traditional Bedding Sizes:

In the United States, there are six traditional bed sizes used. They include twin, full-size, twin-long, king size, queen size, and California king size. They are the standardized bedding sizes used across the country. Here is a detailed guide for all these sizes:

Twin and Twin-Long:

While twin size is the smallest mattress size used in America for many decades, Twin Extra-long is the size introduced a few years back. Twin size is meant for a single person and flat sheets for this mattress measure around 72” by 100”. Similarly, duvets and comforters for this mattress size are 66” by 90” in their size. This size is typically designed for single adults or child beds.

The fundamental difference between twin extra-long and twin size is due to difference in the bed length. Twin size fits a bed that’s 76” long while twin extra-long size is suitable for beds having length of 81”. Whatever be the size of bed, you can use the same flat sheet, comforter, or duvet. Both twin and twin XL allow easy transition from one bed-size to another.

The Full-Size Sheets:

It is the bed size designed for accommodating two adults. Full-size is the smallest size in this category. The flat sheets for these beds measure 85” by 110” while duvets and comforters come in size of 86” by 92”. Though these beds are designed to sleep two adults, it is not the most comfortable option. It leaves only 27” of sleep space for each person. Hence, many people prefer this size to sleep alone comfortably. As a couple, you can opt for queen-size or above.

The Queen-Size Sheets:

In the matters of sizing, these beds are both wide and long. They are available in the sizes of 95” by 110” to allow ample sleep space for each person. When buying expensive and exclusive 1200-count sheets for your queen-size bed, you must also check the size of the sheet given on its label. It should comfortably fit your mattress size.

The King-Size Bedding:

It is the largest size available in traditional bedding sizes. A standardized king-size bed needs a flat ­sheet measuring 110” by 110” while comforters and duvets for this bed size should measure at 106” by 96”. In this bedding size, there is an additional width of 38” to fit small children as well. So, it’s a suitable choice for smaller families.

The California King-Size Bedding:

The introduction and widespread use of California king sizing in the Golden State has given­­ this name to the largest bedding size available in the country. It is slightly narrower and longer than the standard king-size. But, most of the people prefer buying king-size sheets for these beds.

Depending on the size of bed in your bedroom, you can choose any of these sizes for buying high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

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