Affiliate marketing can be a very powerful way in which to make money from home -- or anywhere, for that matter. Yet the sad truth is the vast majority of would-be affiliate marketers never make any meaningful money. There are many reasons, but one in particular stands out as the single most common affiliate marketing mistake to avoid.

That affiliate marketing mistake most commonly committed is simply this: lack of focus. Most affiliate marketers decide that they will promote several different opportunities, slap a few links together on a blog, or some forum posts, or on a website and then expect the sales to start rolling in. The reality is it does not work that way.

In order for you to become a successful affiliate marketer who actually makes good money, you must focus on mastering the promotion of one single product... or at least one single set of products (if for example you drive traffic to a review site). You gain the focus by building a concerted campaign around ONE product (or product set) you wish to promote.

Success in affiliate marketing boils down creating focused campaigns that will reach critical mass. To gain that critical mass requires concerted effort and focus. This is true regardless of the way in which you choose to promote. For example, you may choose to promote via pay-per-click advertising, or perhaps article marketing. Either approach can work, but only where you have applied the time and effort to achieve critical mass.

So for example, if you decide you want to build your affiliate marketing business initially around an article marketing campaign because it is low cost, then your goal is to focus on an article marketing campaign that will achieve critical mass. Slapping a few affiliate links together on a handful of articles and thinking you have created an effective marketing campaign is just wishful thinking.

Creating an effective affiliate marketing campaign means you take the time to focus and research keywords topics so that you have a list of between 100 and 200 article titles that will relate to the product you wish to promote. Then you actually write 100 to 200 articles, each of around 500 words. As you write them, you submit them to the top article directories. The key is that you complete one focused campaign for the product you have selected BEFORE moving on to a new product -- which means you have to stay very focused for about 30 days.

Most affiliate marketers of course will not do this. Instead, they will write a handful of articles and then immediately jump onto something else. After having read this article however, you now know better. You know that is the single biggest marketing mistake to avoid if you want to build a successful and profitable affiliate business.

So now your assignment is to go ahead and distinguish yourself from the typical affiliate marketer by focusing on ONE product promotion campaign at a time and staying focused so that you build it out thoroughly and achieve critical mass. When you do that, you will experience results that stand out from the crowd.

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