If you live in a home where a television is used, then you will have noticed that sometimes when the weather is bad you get a bad reception on your television.

This is because your television aerial is being moved which will cause your channels to become distorted. An aerial is key as it allows you to receive the correct channels.

There are numerous aerials which you may not know much about. There is a description of each aerial and why you would choose each one.

The most popular type of aerial is the Yagi aerial that is fixed to a long pole which is then attached to the side of your home. On the side of the aerial are shorter prongs which are also called elements. The more elements the aerial has the better it picks up signal which is why they are so popular. These are mostly used to transmit analogue television. Which is why they used to be popular in the past before the digital switch-over.

Another aerial is a Grid aerial which is installed to improve viewers television reception in low reception areas. High gain aerials are another term used for these aerials but do not tend to work with Freeview transmission.

You could use an indoor aerial instead but do not often pick up large amounts of signal. These usually only work in areas which do not have many obstacles. There are only a small amount of properties which use indoor aerials.

You could also choose to have a Digital high gain aerial fitted. On this type of aerial there are two reflectors which have more than 100 elements attached, as it will then be able to pick up more signal. Digital High gain aerials are more expensive but are useful for people who want to enjoy their TV but do not get great reception so this aerial enables them to watch their favourite shows. aerial installation Windsor by www.mediastreamaerials.co.uk could install this kind of TV aerial.

There are other alternatives to having these aerials such as a satellite which you could choose to have installed which you can have fitted by a number of providers. The beauty of a satellite is that it is easy to record your favourite television programs and keep them stored so that you can watch them at a time which suits you.

Not only are there many types of aerials you should also remember to use a reputable installation company. Choosing the correct company can sometimes be stressful which is why you should use a company who are qualified in fitting aerials. You should make sure that you use a company who have not had a court case made against their business.

Working with a company which has been recommended by a friend is a safe way to find the best company. If you are still unsure then you should visit your friends home so that you can see the work for yourself.

We hope that the information on this article has aided you to gather more information on the many types of aerials. Reading the article may have helped you to choose the correct article and get the most out of your television, so that you can enjoy it to the full.

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