It is essential for your wellbeing that you sleep on a quality bed. Sleep plays an enormous role in your physical, mental and emotional health. Health experts and Doctors all over the planet agree with the evidence that proves a correlation between the number of hours that an individual sleeps and their productivity and health. The less hours that an individual gets to sleep, the worse their performance and general health. Gone are the times when society believed that the most hard working, healthy and productive individuals where the ones who worked late into the night and the early risers. It is now very well understood that to get the best out of people, we require restful sleep. This article shall briefly explain why a quality bed is essential to your wellbeing and general health

The main reason why a quality bed is essential to your health and wellbeing is because a quality bed allows you to sleep restfully. A quality bed is the perfect partner to your sleep. It is the surface that will carry you in comfort every single day. Doctors and health experts all over the world agree that a human being requires an average of eight hours of sleep within every twenty four hours. A third of our time needs to be assigned to sleeping. When we do not get enough sleep we acquire what is known as a “sleep debt”. Sleep debt refers to the difference in the amount of time of sleep that we are supposed to be receiving and the amount of time of sleep that we are actually getting. For example, if we only get three hours of sleep at night instead of the required eight hours of sleep, we have a sleep debt of five hours. At some point in the future we will have to pay back the accumulated debt. We would have to catch up on our sleep. It can literally be dangerous when someone continues to work whilst owing a huge sleep debt to their beds and bodies. Pilots and long distance truck drivers have policies and restrictions within their industries that ensure that their employees avoid working without adequate sleep. It could literally result in a catastrophe.

As we sleep on our beds, toxins that have built up in our brains when we are awake are cleared and flushed out. New brain cells are created and others are reaffirmed. Our brains organize information and store the information where it is easily retrievable. Our minds make sense of all the data that it has accumulated. Without sleep we become increasingly confused and incoherent. After twenty four hours without sleep we are comparable to an individual who has consumed a large quantity of alcohol. Thereafter we become increasingly deluded until we eventually become mad and insane. Sleep is essential for human beings

In conclusion, it is important to sleep on a comfortable bed. Sleeping is an activity that keeps you healthy and contributes positively to your wellbeing. A comfortable bed is the perfect partner that will ensure that you look forward to getting to rest every single day. As mentioned by the great Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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