Article marketing is one of the best ways to be successful in internet marketing at present. The purpose of this short article is NOT to offer the details regarding how to write such articles. However, some background is needed. The idea is to write short articles about topics related to the products that you're promoting. The articles are not directly sales pieces but rather informational pieces which are useful to readers. However, within these articles you place links to products that you're promoting. One then submits these article to article sites who host the articles and web search engines find your articles along with the links contained in them and so they get included in the search sites such a Google. Moreover, other websites come to those article sites for content for their webpages. To be able to use such content these websites must keep the links included. This provides your links even more places to be found by search engines and also ordinary readers of the websites. All of this gets your links on the market in lots of ways.

There are several problems with this process of marketing. The central one being time. It takes lot of your time to write posts and get them submitted to the assorted article web sites. I can not recommend much help as to the time matter of writing the articles. There is a choice of software available to help you write articles or reviews. Though, I'd recommend that you avoid these products. In my experience they do not help out much. If they are vastly automated they turn out generic content that is of little value. If they are less automatic, you waste so much time entering material before the software generates the article that you just as well write the article yourself. In fact I have numerous applications on my desktop and I can't believe I paid money for them. Subsequently I would recommend that you bite the bullet and write these articles yourself.

However, the problem of submitting the articles is another matter. This is certainly also very time consuming especially since you can then submit your articles to a lot of article sites improving the probabilities that your articles are going to be picked up by the various search engines and other websites. The truth is all the better, if the search engines find your articles as well as the containing links multiple times. It makes your links look more prevalent which is what raises you page rank on search engine results.

So, to your rescue has come various software to submit your articles automatically. This isn't a simple thing to do since the article sites do not want someone to submit articles automatically. While they can not prohibit it, they would rather you submit articles only for their site. So they create their sites for manual and not automated submission. Consequently, the software needs to be fairly sophisticated in an effort to fool the article sites into thinking the articles are being submitted manually.

The market is currently fairly saturated with such software and so it makes it difficult to know which one to purchase. So what follows is a review of three such products.

One of the first such products available on the market was simply called "Article Submitter" and it is still on the market. You'll find this software at at a very low price. In years past when I was doing quite a lot of article marketing I often used this software. I have just recently, returned to doing article marketing since it is so effective. So I went back and re-tried "Article Submitter." Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed in the product. It's not been updated and thus lots of the included article sites are no longer in operation. Fortunately, the software permits you to delete such sites but unfortunately this often causes the software to crash. This wasn't an appreciable issue because the software is restarted immediately. However, I found that occasionally these crashes caused the software to lose all data. So I had to reinstall the software only to find that not just was all my data and articles gone but the previous deleted non-operational article sites were all back. This wasn't acceptable and thus I was off to search for other submitter software.

My next stop was with "Quick Article Submitter" which was moderately priced and is available at On first inspection I was very impressed with this software and it has a nice design to it. I liked the way it had me entering my articles and it has a large collection of article sites to submit to. Unfortunately, I started submitting after which I discovered the program not a lot better than "Article Submitter" above. While it did not crash, I found that many of its articles sites were also no longer in operation. It was also slow and clunky in the signup process at the sites and then in submitting articles. I was sure there has to be something better to choose from and was disappointed that I had spent my money on this software.

My final stop was with "Magic Submitter" and it is a gem. It lives up to its name "Magic" especially since it submits much more than just articles. I will have more on that later. You can find this software at The software only costs $4.95; however, after the 1st month there's a monthly fee to make use of it. In truth you will happily pay the monthly fee as it's going to easily make you much more money than the fee if you're at all serious and put it to work.

About the only criticism I have is that the software is more complicated to use. However, it is included with excellent training, videos and support. The sign up process isn't flawless and it takes a while since it is still difficult to fool those sites into thinking that you are doing it manually. Nevertheless, it is light years ahead of the other programs. Moreover, it even checks your email and answers the confirmation requests. The submission process again is not flawless, but still very impressive. You can literally save hours of tedious drudgery posting articles with this software.

More importantly, Magic Submitter does a great deal of more than submit to articles sites. It also automatically submits to Video Sites, Photo Sites, Blogs, Micro Blogs, Bookmarking Sites, RSS Feeds, Press Release Sites, and more. Additionally, you are not limited to the inbuilt sites as it has a design feature that lets you intuitively add 100's of additional sites that you like to syndicate content to. It also proves coaching on topics like, "How to SEO optimize your Videos" "How to Write an Article like an Expert" and dozens of other important topics. It truly is in a totally different league than the others.

The best submitter software is Magic Submitter which does far for than simply submit articles. You can find this software at

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Joel Heim is a trained ethicist and a long-time internet marketer. For ten years he has been an advocate of fair and responsible internet marketing.