Have you ever heard the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for...?" How about some of the more "biblical" sayings, like: "Declare a thing and it is so," "Ask and you shall receive," or "In the beginning, there was the word..." You could make a very long list of sayings and teachings from all ages, cultures, traditions, and regions, that all say essentially the same thing -- Your word is your wand.

Has anyone ever told you, "Just say the word, and I'll...," or "Your wish is my command?" The Universe waits for the utterance of a word; and then it moves -- all together, all at once. Of course, this is happening constantly; each facet of existence is built-up out of words -- which are simply thoughts "clothed in sound," or vibration. And, whether we speak them or not, we all have words because we all have thoughts; and these thoughts are the beginning of our experience.

Many of you can imagine a child creating a work of art by drawing a design on paper -- with glue -- and sprinkling glitter or confetti on the page. Brushing or blowing away the excess glitter reveals the intended design. That design was there all along; it needed to be outlined with an attractive force (glue) in order to hold the particles of matter that make up our physical reality of a once-invisible design. Imagine writing the word, "Money," on a piece of paper with glue; you now have a thought which you've turned into a word and applied an attractive energy or force to. At this stage, it is up to you to decide which color "glitter," or matter, you will apply to your mental design.

You can imagine the various colors of glitter as being your various thoughts, emotions, and actions -- the causes and results of your choices -- collecting in a mass around the subject or object of your desire. The more beautiful the glitter, the more beautiful the final product; the more glue, or attraction, you use, the more matter you can attract and hold on to. You have many choices to make as you create your masterpiece of life by making, watching, or allowing your thoughts, or words, to turn into realities. But, ultimately, you will always end up with a physical representation of the thought you held in mind even before you picked-up the glue and paper. Once you have charged your word with an attractive force, it attracts and sticks to things in the physical world and leaves visible traces that can be seen by others, and remembered.

Even if you change your mind or mood after you start sprinkling green glitter on your glue-word, "Money," and decide you'll now cover that thought with fearful, worried, angry-red glitter, you'll still get a version of the thought you started with. Your word, as they say, is your bond. You're bound to get money; but it will be a different "shade" than you probably want. Instead of being "checks in the mail," for instance, it is more likely going to come in a "negative" form, such as "bills in the mail." Remember, other-people's-money (OPM) is still money. If you are thinking and speaking "negatively" about money, you are probably "feeling," or "vibrating," negatively toward money; and, you will attract a "negative" version of money -- OPM -- the kind that goes rather than comes.

The same applies for health. Illness is something it is better not to speak of -- period. Listen to your body; and take steps to take care of yourself. But, when people ask you how you are doing, they truly aren't asking to hear a list of problems and complaints. Nobody wants to hear other people's problems (unless they can help...); and spreading the "word" of your own illness only serves to make it more "real." Those kinds of words are depressing and stressful to say or listen to; and it is stress that causes all medical problems and complaints. People who spend their time telling "war stories" about their health -- or anything -- are simply stuck in a loop because of the intensity of [negative] emotions surrounding the event. The fact is that you can't speak of bad things without thinking of bad things; and, according to every major religion, philosophy, and science worthy of the name, "As you thinketh, so it is done unto you."

If health is what you want, seek it; imagine it and say, think, and do the things healthy people do. Don't continue complaining about problems unless you want to keep them. If financial freedom is what you seek; then you need to react more intensely to ideas of prosperity than you do to financial worries and fears of debt and poverty. Where your attention goes, you will find your words; it is obvious to anyone who hears you complaining about poor health and finances that you are thinking poor-thoughts. There is an ancient teaching that reads, "The sick and poor will always be among us;" and you can bet they were talking about their problems back then, too.

In order to attract the things you want in life, you must have an idea about what those things are, what they look like, and what you'll feel like when you experience them. The more detailed, or "real," your thoughts are, the easier it is to turn them into physical realities and experiences. "See," or imagine, what you wish to create or experience; put it into words and speak only those words to yourself. If you notice your thoughts or words drifting away from what you truly desire, simply go back to thinking and speaking the thoughts and words you truly wish to experience. There is no need, nor benefit, to "stating the obvious," or commenting on current conditions. If you want change, you need to think, and speak, different words. Ask for what you want, whether it is peace, love, money, or health; "Declare a thing and it is so." Your word is powerful and creative; you can create what you want, or you can carelessly speak yourself into one problem after another. The "magic," however, is yours to use in any way you imagine and choose. Your word is indeed your wand.

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