You work really hard!

So Where Are Your Clients?

Does this sound all too familiar? You have poured so much time and money into your business. You really believe in your chosen profession and you are eager to earn a good living doing so. How do you get people to give you a chance? How do you keep them coming back and referring their friends and family?

Most people approach marketing from either a right or a left-brain perspective. They may have a “field of dreams” vision and wait for life to come to them. Believing they are listening to their inner voice, they are not really “hearing” what they need to act on. If their left-brain has control they may be so-o busy doing, doing, and doing that they simply cannot hear their inner voice at all. Wouldn’t it be better to use both the intuitive right brain hemisphere and the analytical left-brain hemisphere? Buy using both sides of you brain you will have optimum marketing power.

The first of the Ten Principals of Optimum Marketing Power is:

Perceive Success ------and you shall have it.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. Great! So we know that we really never fail but what exactly is success? I always start my business classes by exploring this word. If you aren’t really sure what success is to you then how will you know when you have achieved it?

Is it having a lot of money?” Yes”-replied one client. “How much” I asked. “12,000 per month” he shot back. “And then you will know positively that you have been successful?” I queried. “Absolutely” he said unwavering. “Ok” I replied as I moved to the lady sitting next to him. “What is success to you?” I asked. “I am not sure if I really know” she hesitated, “ but it definitely is not money!” She went on to explain that she had been the owner of a very profitable business yet she was miserable. Now she was in a business that allowed her more freedom of time constraints and that was definitely making her feel more in control of her life. She would like more money she said but it isn’t success.

As I went around the room it was clearly evident that this word evoked a lot of powerful emotions and many different views. Everyone, even the first guy began to realize that there were many different perceptions of success.
What is really important to you? Is it money? Is it time? Is it power? How will you know when you get there? Who will determine when you have arrived in this state of success? Your spouse? Your parents? Your friends? Most large companies have a mission statement that helps to define success for the company. Do you have a mission statement? For your business? How about for your life?

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Before you move any further with your marketing plan I urge you to really examine what it is that you really want. Make a list with your “left brain” defining what you want to achieve. Then with your “right brain” spend some time discovering why you want to achieve that. Get into the emotions of why you want something. If you find the reason is just to please someone else or because you perceive that is was society expects of you then maybe you need to re-examine your business. When you want something because you want it, because it makes you feel good and it makes you feel alive and full of passion; you will find a way to make it happen!

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Kathryn Watson is a Business and Life Coach who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners. She specializes in clients in the Healing Arts industry.
Offering workshops, retreats, and both individual and group coaching, Kathryn will help you built a successful business to allow you to continue the circle of giving.
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