Most men already know how to attract women, but their beliefs are getting in the way of them actually doing it.
Instead, they look for ways in which they can change a woman’s natural tendencies into those which fit his beliefs.
For instance, many men believe that being nice to a woman you are attracted to, and letting her do whatever she wants, and essentially walk all over you will somehow lead to her being attracted to you.
Even though, almost every woman is willing to admit that a man who knows what he wants is attractive and letting her walk all over him is not what any man should want.
So what keeps most men from showing women that he knows what he wants?
A woman’s ability to act as if what you want is wrong or something that she will not tolerate in a relationship is what keeps a man from expressing what he wants.
Most women have been bluffing dissatisfaction for so long that society was a whole has bought into it.
This is great for women who actually want to be in control of their relationship and bad for men who must be in control but have bought into woman’s faux reality and act as if they don’t want control.
As a man, acting as if you don’t want control not only do you give your power away, you also fail to attract the very women that would make you happy in the first place.
In other words, the moment you fail to act in the way tat you want in order to attract women is the moment that you fail to attract women and that hurts much more than knowing that a woman simply isn’t attracted to you.

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