SOUTH CAROLINA — It’s hard not to flip on a news channel without hearing another story of a picture-perfect marriage destroyed by infidelity. Mistresses, prostitutes and membership to cheating internet sites are bringing a close on the chapter the great American way of life. A wife and a mistress. And a boatload of secrets.

In the midst of the information age, it seems hard to believe that anyone could get away with such a deception, and yet, it happens every day.

NY Governor Eliot Spitzer carried on a clandestine affair that lasted years and wasn’t discovered until a financial transaction was his downfall. The replacement Governor admits to an affair just days later.

The More You Know reveals tales of deception, secret behavior trends and countless investigative strategies. No longer are the ways of a cheating spouse unclear. You don’t have to be in the dark about how to get the truth and evidence.

It's a stirring time in which we live - infidelity is now epidemic. Here's what others are saying about my ability to give advice, information, methods and much more when you suspect infidelity.

“I stumbled upon this book a while back on Dr. Phil's web site.
Since Dr. Phil is known worldwide for his "relationship advice" through his T.V. show and his own vast array of relationship and self help books, I thought that The More You Know might be a worthwhile read.
Dr. Phil wouldn't risk his reputation by representing a dud book would he?
Well, I have finally had the time to download and read this book from cover to cover and I have to say, Dr. Phil didn't let me down!
The More You Know by private investigator Bill Mitchell, is indeed an excellent book and definitely worth recommending! I would not hesitate to say that it is probably the most practical, informative and helpful book that I have read on the subject of infidelity.
The first thing that "hit me" about this 104 page book was the man, Bill Mitchell himself. He does not come off as some hot shot, shyster P.I. who makes his living from other people's suffering.
Quite the contrary.
He defends and admires the institution of marriage. Instead, he seems a very genuine, very caring man who believes that early intervention can help to rescue a relationship from the devastation of infidelity.
He understands and the trauma caused by cheating spouse and likens it to the pain of dealing with a death in the family. (He's right, I've been there. I sometimes felt it would have been easier if my husband had actually died!) He points out very clearly, the negative effects that adultery has not only on the adults but particularly on the children. Too often, the kids are not even considered. They are victims too!
Bill Mitchell's book deals with the subject of adultery knowledgeably and compassionately. He shares years of wisdom and insight that begins with your first suspicions. He tells you what relationships are at risk and what the eight most common warning signs of infidelity are. He will explain to you how he does his job and tell you what you can do to help yourself.
He provides you with the facts and resources you need to discover, react to and resolve your situation - by doing what is best for you!
I am not going to ramble on about what's in this book or why you should buy it. I will tell you that The More You Know is not just "another" book about infidelity written from a victim's or a counselor's point of view.
The information presented is backed by statistics, scientific facts and years of wisdom.
Everything you need to know is in there.
Bill Mitchell gives it to you straight and, for $20.00 a book, you know he didn't write it to get rich!
I even give him "kudos" for his information on "Adultery and the Church". Hit the nail right on the head with that one.
Get it…you won't be sorry!
If I could give it more than five stars…I would."


“I’ve been a divorce lawyer forty years and known what’s for real and what isn’t. Bill Mitchell’s book is on the money. It’s credible, accurate and very much for real. Mitchell is a true pro and it shows. His ethics and integrity shine through on each and every page.”

-J. Richard Kulerski, Attorney At law, Oak Brook, Il,

Q: Can you recommend any good book for helping me to determine if my spouse is involved in an affair? A: Yes, The More You Know by William F. Mitchell, Jr.”

I'd like to help you.

If a feeling of uneasiness comes over you. Get answers! Ignoring intuition leads to deception. Get real! Losing trust looses relationships. Get the truth! I know how and so can you.

Author's Bio: 

The More You Know is Bill Mitchell’s second book.

He is licensed private investigator with four decades tracking down proof. Bill is an alumni of Mt. St. Mary’s University with a background in psychology. He resides in South Carolina with his family. He is currently at work on her second book project.

The More You Know is available at bookstores nationwide.