Most of us spend our lives searching for that one spark that will ignite and motivate, then propel us to succeed. We buy any number of books, inspirational “self help” tapes, and attend seminars and workshops believing that somewhere in the mist of all these activities will evolve that magical motivation tool we can use to reach higher heights. Little did we know that what we search for was within us all the time.

There is no greater weapon that can be used against defeat than developing and strengthening your positive attitude of “claiming” victory over all things then walking it out, in faith, as if you have already won. When you view any negative circumstance as an area you cannot overcome, it will be just that. The result is limiting your “vision” and owning the defeat. If, however, you view the negative circumstance as an opportunity to be applied to the overall vision for your future, you will pause to learn from and build on the experience, then move on to the next level.

Life is a combination of choices, with each taking us to various levels of growth and development. Each choice opens and or closes doors. Each will promote or inhibit our definition of success. There are no secret formulas. We must each seek inspiration from within and recognize that no two people come to the same point in the same way. I arrived at this level of awareness as a result of my struggles to become successful in my own business.

I have always had a desire to succeed at whatever I chose to do, but discovered that most often it was because of the level of expectation others had of me more than what inspired me. My career afforded many opportunities to excel, but somehow I always managed to curb my ambitions, derail my opportunities or lose interest at pivotal points along the way. I soon discovered that I was unwilling to trade what was most important to me by conforming or bending to make the fit. This choice usually left me faced with uncomfortable decisions that eventually led to change in positions.

It did not take me long to realize that in those years of executive and senior management experiences, I had not tapped the source of my strength and the essence of my being. I had “made it” only to find that I didn’t know what making it meant. Because I had not tapped into my inner spirit, which is the oil to my creative motor, I had not discovered the key that would unlock the door to what inspired me. God created us to be unique unto ourselves, because He has a plan and a purpose for us. It is up to us, however, to find the “Tick to match the Tock” in our lives. No doubt the search will require hard work, but who better skilled than us individually to perform that inner search?

Inspiration occurs when we come to the end of ourselves and begin to seek a deeper meaning about the choices we make. It is when our careers become more than money and creature comfort, and our way of living becomes more than the status of how we are being defined by others that we begin to journey toward being inspired from within.

Sometimes our greatest works are realized during our toughest trials. That is because it is at those times we are most alone, with few people who will care about our circumstances. It is at those times when we are left to ourselves and we can begin to look within for inspiration and guidance. Economic challenges, health issues, death, divorce, or depression all have their place in our growth and maturity. These challenges also provide a catalyst for renewal and empowerment. The core of our being and the answer to what we are truly called to be can be found through our releasing and opening our minds and our hearts to the call from within.

God has put something inside each of us that no one else can reach but us. Once you tap into it, you will receive clarity and understanding and be inspired to function at a level you have never known, while accomplishing and creating success that will make people eager to be around you to learn how to effectively operate and succeed. Achieving this inner inspiration will require several things on your part:

• Strong Commitment to Self Actualization
• Independent Thinking
• Establishing Priorities
• Unquestioned Faith
• A Renewing of Your Mind
• Confidence in Prayer
• Obedience to the Word of God

By tapping into the inspiration within, you will be led to discovering the core of your calling. Remember, this is a process and you should complete each step. The requirements have been established, and there are conditions for God blessing you with the knowledge of the inspiration from within. Those conditions are innate to who we are in Christ and are provided for us in His word (hearing the word, reading the word, and being doers of the word in faith.). These simple conditions set the tone for your internal man to receive instructions and inspired guidance.

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