I need to caution you about putting on an act when you're on your first few dates with single women. What I mean by this is pretending to be someone you are not. And doing things that are not your true nature.

For instance, while on dates you are very romantic, caring, a good listener, love to laugh, complimentary, love doing different things on a date, etc.

All these things you are pretending to be really turn her on and she falls for the person you are pretending to be, not the real you.

So after you feel comfortable that you have hooked her, you revert back to being your true self:

1. Not romantic anymore.

2. Self-centered.

3. Ignore her when she's talking.

4. Compliments are few and far between.

5. You don't laugh as much when she says something funny because before you were only pretending to laugh.

6. You prefer staying in instead of going out all the time because you are truly a couch potato.

When she is exposed to the true you, she is going to be inclined to lose interest in you. She was crazy about the guy you were pretending to be.

So, do you see my point now? It's much better and fairer to your date to be yourself. Don't put on a phony act pretending to be someone you are not. If you do, you're going to have to maintain this phony image long-term because when the real you emerges, you may lose her or your relationship with her will be difficult.

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