Ever wonder why some people seem to manufacture money out of thin air while others can't rub two nickels together? As common as it may seem there is a reason for this.

Okay no more suspense. Most people fail to become wealthy because they don't acquire the knowledge and skills required to become wealthy.

Interesting phenomenon when you consider the fact most people believe in working hard and in the end they will receive their just rewards. Unfortunately working hard often means just that, it doesn't mean one is focusing on becoming wealthy.

So how do you become wealthy by acquiring knowledge and skills? Let's get back to the matter at hand, what are you focusing on. better stated what are you passionate about that will lead to you generating serious cashflow.

I'll give you an example, in 1988 I purchased my first investment property. Sadly, I paid too much for the house because I simply didn't know what I was doing.

Many of you may have experienced a lack of knowledge in an area at least once in your life. Well I am hear to tell you after paying too much for my first real estate investment, I hired a real estate guru to teach me how to structure deals.

The real estate guru recommended I restructure my loan, I did and it saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I acquired the knowledge I needed to pull together real estate deals and today I possess the number one attribute a real estate investor must have, I have skills to go along with the knowledge I acquired.

Real estate is just one example of a way you can become rich if you have the knowledge and skills to become a successful investor. This leads to my next point, when are you going to go for the gold to become wealthy?

I am hear to tell you, people that have the knowledge and skills to invest in real estate are positioned to become millionaires because of the record number of home foreclosures. The reason investors will make millions is because they know the strategies to use in a down market.

To learn how you can acquire the knowledge and skill so you can apply the strategies to become a millionaire, visit my website at www.paullawrencevann.com or call me at (866) 337-2026. Here's to you becoming wealthy.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Lawrence Vann is Founder and CEO of the Wealth Building Academy. He has over 27 years of wealth building experience having managed multi-billion dollar budgets for the government and as an employee of Mobil Oil Company. Vann is a professional speaker, trainer, life coach and author. Visit his website at www.paullawrencevann.com
or pvann.blogspot.com. Call the Wealth Building Academy at (866) 337-2026.