Do you dream about what your future may hold for you? Or do you believe dreaming is just wishful thinking, and that your fate has already been decided for you?

Have you already decided that what you do is what you will probably always do, you are who you are and that you must just accept your lot for what it is and just get on with life?

This is not the sort of attitude that I want. I never want to stop dreaming, I'll always be thinking about what's possible for me in my lifetime. Some medical researcher will probably one day find some health benefits to dreaming (if they haven't already). I think it's healthy to get lost in day dreams from time to time.

The process of dreaming creates images in your mind, which should then create a desire to go and make something happen in your life. Somebody once said 'Our aspirations become our possibilities; you will want what you think about'.

I like to think about what is possible and what I can achieve. I would hate to think that when I reach a certain age, or get a certain job that my life will never change again (especially if it was a job I didn't like). I like to think I will continue to grow, develop myself and continue to learn new things in my lifetime.

Of course just dreaming about something doesn't mean it is going to happen, that's a different story altogether. But what it does do is let your creative juices flow and allow you to conjure up new ways of exactly how your life could be better than it is at the moment. When you dream there are no limits, or at least there shouldn't be. It should just be about you and your desires, there should be nothing that isn't possible when you dream.

I don't think anybody has achieved anything of any substance without first seeing it in their minds eye by way of a dream. It is good to dream and think about what you might like to create for yourself in your life.

If you are somebody who has achieved all their dreams then that's great but if you're not, then don't accept for yourself a life that's anything less than what you desire. Don't be like 99% of people who just accept their life as it is, and that it cannot be changed, or that you should just be happy with what you have got. If you want something, what's stopping you from getting it?

Why do so many people settle for mediocrity, like it was some destiny already planned for them?

Is your life now something that you dreamed about when you were younger? Are you living the dream? If not, why not?

The founder of Outward bound once said;

"We are all better than we know, if only we can be bought to realize this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything less". I like this quote! How very true it is.

We are all better than we know, I wonder just how many people don't actually realize this, or maybe they do but they just don't want to believe it!

For me I know it's true, and I believe it, which is why I'll never stop dreaming, right up to the day I die, As John Lennon once said, "maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

Author's Bio: 

Paul Alexander Wood is a personal development and self-help writer, he is also the author and creator of, a website dedicated to helping people who are looking to make changes in their life.