The Spiritual Life is an inclusive way of living that calls us to a higher level of consciousness and integration that most of our systems, to date, have not duplicated. When the soul is guided and lead by spiritual principles, the energy that is produced is highly creative, motivated and focused. The driving force becomes outer-directed and therefore open and ready to engage the energy of others in positive directions toward a common project or cause.

In other words, independent, I remain a single unit; interconnected and integrated, I have the collective power of a larger whole. When I am in dialogue with others, the whole works in harmony to its highest potential of efficiency. Spirituality is the key that unlocks the power and control model and points to an empowerment model of cooperation and generosity.

Without help the journey, the task is too much for us. But there is a Power that is waiting to be... awakened within us. May you find that Power today.

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Sister Maureen Murphy, O.P. is a highly respected guest lecturer and retreat leader who conducts numerous retreats, workshops and seminars addressing spiritual growth and development. For a retreat schedule and more information, visit Sr. Maureen's website at

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