If you've recently started on the entire Harry Potter series, then you have a lot of catching up to do, meaning a decent speed reading program helps enable you to cover more text at a faster rate. With a series of helpful techniques, one is able to expand their comprehension, while tackling larger blocks of text in less time. Below you will find some of the things a respectable speed reading program covers:

1) Adjust Reading Speed

When learning how to read books and other publications at a faster rate, a speed reading program teaches users how to adjust their speed of reading in regards to the kind of writing they are covering. Often, readers will abandon comprehension just to complete a particular passage. When you ask some readers what they have just read, they are unable to recall the material.

It is important to know how to turn on and off the speed in order to comprehend. For example, quickly skimming a newspaper article allows a reader to catch onto the main points, but when it comes to absorbing philosophy homework, it is suggested to adjust your speed to a much slower pace.

2) Separate the Meat From the Fat

Often, you face reading material that contains a lot of "filler" words to stretch the content. Sometimes, books, magazines, and articles actually repeat information by simply phrasing details in a different manner. Those who are able to quickly skim passages, as a "pre-read" will become well versed in pinpointing where most of the important information is located.

Depending on the kind of training you receive from your speed reading book, program, or software, you will develop this technique by identifying repeated words, key words, bold print, and other important indicators of relevant information. Ultimately, this helps readers skim large blocks of text much quicker.

3) Avoid Rereading

Speed reading programs help readers train themselves to kick the habit of rereading. Many people have a knack of making frequent stops when reading – in an effort to skip back to completed words and sentence in order to confirm that they've fully understood the material. Many times, this is an unnecessary habit that the majority of readers are unaware has become routine. Countless readers do it without knowing and are uninformed that this drastically reduces reading speed.

When following a speed reading program, a common exercise is to take a sheet of paper or index card and drag it down the length of the page while reading. This helps people cover each and every line of text to improve comprehension. The card should be dragged in a steady motion. The aim is to start slowly, increasing speed once the technique feels natural.

In the end, investing in a speed reading program is a great way to improve overall reading and comprehension skills by embracing an assortment of techniques that aim to retrain the way you approach text. While there are many other lessons to learn pertaining to speed reading – you most often start with avoiding the urge to reread and practicing the art of accurate skimming.

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